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Evernote Will Stop Supporting Windows Phone And Blackberry 10 Today

Evernote will withdraw their apps from Windows and Blackberry 10. Source: Evernote / Youtube
Evernote will withdraw their apps from Windows and Blackberry 10.

Famous note-taking application Evernote declared that they would not support Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone app stores today. Evernote will stop supporting existing applications on mentioned devices.

What Is Evernote?

Evernote is a cross-platform application that has the arrangement to organize the user’s notes. The application places the notes flawlessly so that the user can easily see. The app has a feature that allows users to launch a “note” that serves a lot of functionalities.

The note can be a little piece of formatted text. It can be a fully working webpage or website. It can be a gallery of photographed pictures. Because of the Evernote’s high capabilities, many users are continually using the app.

Evernote, which is available for many platforms like Android and Apple iOS, surprised a lot of people for this decision. The association stated that they need to focus on the other platforms that will make their sales go up. Also, Evernote doesn’t want to invest to slow paced platforms like Windows and Blackberry.

Evernote users will decide if they will change their devices to use the app. The user must buy another phone if they want to continue to use the app. Furthermore, the files will not disappear when the users had a phone that Evernote’s supported. The user’s files are stored automatically when saved in the cloud.

Why Evernote Was Developed

Last year, popular messenger application Whatsapp left Blackberry because of the resource issues. Similarly, Facebook messenger does not work properly in any Windows Phones released. Probably the main reason is the small amount of Windows and Blackberry users.

The company focuses on making Blackberry 10 OS compatible with Android. Blackberry will follow these platform to attract popular apps including Evernote.

Windows Phone is on a different side of a story. Microsoft wants to launch Continuum in it’s Windows 10. Furthermore, the company concludes they will continue to be on Windows platform.

What will happen to users who have an unsupported version of Evernote?

For the users that make Evernote part of their daily routine, they can still use the application, but the version will be incompatible. There is no guarantee that the app will still work smooth because Evernote will not release future updates. Also, the company has no intentions to support the die-hard users of the application.

Evernote released an email a few days ago to inform the users that the company will not support their platforms. The email also contains the reason why they will end the support.

The most annoying part of the decision made by Evernote is the small amount of time to inform its users. In the past years, many applications do not want to enter Windows and Blackberry phone platforms.

Because of a few people buying this kind of phones. The OS is not popular also, unlike iOS and Android.  The less amount of features you can use, unlike Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry are being discriminated in the market right now.



Take A Look At The New iOS 11

Take a look at the next genration mobile operating system, iOS11. Source: EverythingApplePro / Youtube
Take a look at the next genration mobile operating system, iOS11

Apple’s iOS 11 sets a new record and proving themselves as the most advanced mobile operating system. It makes iPhone better, and it makes iPad more capable. Apple is now open for augmented reality in games and apps which make the iOS11 powerful, personal and intelligent devices they’ve ever seen.

The new Files app brings all the files in an Apple smartphone. Because of this new update, users can easily browse, search, and organize all the files in one place. There is also a special feature for the recent files; the difference is all devices are included and some file storage services like iCloud Drive and Dropbox.

The new Dock is a foundational change for iPad. It’s now available on any screen. With a single swipe, users can open and switch apps instantly. They can customize it with some of the favorite apps. The Dock also changes as the users work.

iOS 11 makes the multitasking more efficient and better. Users can operate a new app from the Dock right away. Both apps in Slide Over remains active as well as Split View. Just by dragging the second app in Slide Over to the left. Apple users can go back to the popular App Spaces in the refurbished App Switcher.

Drag and Drop arrive at iPad, allowing users to move text, photos, and files from one app to another. Because it was designed for the large Multi-Touch display of iPad, moving them around is pure magic.

Apple users can touch and move just about anything — or things — anywhere on the screen. iOS 11 makes Apple Pencil more powerful, versatile and natural than ever. Now, they can mark up a PDF or screenshot faster and more easily. Simply tap the Apple Pencil on the Lock screen and start taking notes immediately.

When the user starts to write down important things in Notes, the application automatically moves it aside, so that the users are not disturbed while taking down notes. In iOS11 update, all words written even a thousand of days ago are now accessible easily.

This gives advantages to the user to find their important documents with ease. But that’s not all, user’s privacy will stay safe because it only occurs in the person’s device. Consumers can now store their inline drawings in the Mail application.

The new Document Scanner in iOS11 scan important files, sense if there is a duplicate document, cuts the edges, and erase any inclination or glare. Simply by filling up the form or sign automatically using Apple Pencil, then the users can now easily share the files and save.

iOS 11 launched Arkit, the latest structure that will deliver augmented reality to the hundreds of millions of iOS smartphones by granting developers to build their own AR experiences. By combining digital objects and knowledge with the environment, AR takes millions of apps beyond its screen, letting them merge with the real world in new forms.

Many apps and games give the memorable and best experiences that the users cannot imagine taking, yet virtually within it. With this newly added features, expect the new operating system of Apple will be a huge success.

Samsung Is Working On The Newest Technology, Bixby

Take a first look of Samsung's advanced AI technology, Bixby. Source: Droid Life / Youtube
Take a first look of Samsung's advanced AI technology, Bixby

Many AI voice assistants appear in different companies. Apple has Siri for iPhone, Microsoft has Cortana for Windows, Google has Assistant, Amazon has a female AI Alexa, and LingLong has the DingDong.

Injong Rhee, Samsung Mobile’s chief technology officer, is not troubled even Bixby is late to launch than its rivals. Although the beta versions of Bixby may not reach it’s complete intelligence while chilling at London hotel, after the whole day with press interviews. Personally, Injong uses Bixby for shifting settings, languages, and light filters on a smartphone.

While dressed in a plain white tee and an elegant blue blazer with shoulder length hair, the CTO says the system uses the background to react to the speaker. For example, when the photos app is open and commands Bixby to ‘turn right’ it will rotate the photo.

Early shows seen by WIRED demonstrated that it could perform undertakings. More mind boggling than different associates additionally that it can be languid and has battled with English dialect voices.

If the Samsung users don’t have the latest handset from the South Korean firm, then it is impossible to operate the AI. This is not yet confirmed: Rhee told that the company is pursuing on putting Bixby in more of its products.

As long as users have a microphone and flawless internet connection, consumers can use Bixby. Samsung has started to install the assistant in other products but won’t reveal any details.

From Smartwatch to TVs, and refrigerators. Users can converse to air conditioning or remote control and say different commands like “Send the last picture that I have with my best friend.” Or talking to the dryer to stop the TV music.

The S-Voice has quietly faded as the other voice control systems have become more sophisticated. Rhee says one of the reasons behind creating Bixby is helping the company to supervise all of its other products.

The launch of Bixby and the S8 arrived after a dreadful 18 months for Samsung. It follows the controversy of the Galaxy Note 7 battery scandals, global recall, and a national-level bribery scandal. The Samsung team spoke that they are finding solutions on how to unlock the phone using voice commands.

In the present time, Bixby’s skills require the phone to manually unlock so that it can operate smoothly. To verify users with the voice is hard to even for Siri and Google Assistant. Last April, Google introduce it’s multi-user support to its phones in the US and has since rolled this out in the UK.

Nonetheless, Samsung is taking a semi-cautious access to Bixby future updates. The researchers deceived the device’s facial recognition camera to unlock the phone using a high-resolution photograph of someone’s face. Rhee stated that there are many pessimistic headlines everywhere,

Bixby Voice should be available on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in the future, while users can also expect to see the tech on the Galaxy Note 8 later in the year. Users must prepare for the newest and advanced AI before the year ends.

Nintendo’s Surprise Announcement of Star Fox 2: Flashback from Two Decades Earlier

Star Fox 2 is Nintendo's Surprise. Source: IGN/Youtube
Star Fox 2 is Nintendo's Surprise.

Nintendo’s surprise is up for grab! That even the creators of the iconic Star Fox 2 made its come back in this mini console.

In Dylan Cutherbert’s tweet he was surprised to learn that Star Fox 2 will be released at last today! Nintendo bundles together 21 best of the best classic games. In a tiny bundle of joy of course to its fans young and old. Star Fox 2 was created by Dylan Cuthbert two decades ago.

Originally in 1993, Star Fox then redirected Nintendo as it branches out with a sci-fi-themed rail shooter on the SNES. Players are led to defend their home planet from powerful alien invaders. The players then pilots an angular aircraft called the Arwing. This battled robots, alien creatures, and spaceships as the level increases.

Star Fox was hailed as one of the most technically impressive SNES games.  It utilized new graphics processor which is called Super FX. How impressive was Star Fox then? The creators were able to squeeze 3D graphics onto a console that was built for 2D games.  Star Fox also was the first Nintendo game that set the trend from 2D to 3D gaming with the use of polygonal graphics. Thanks to Cuthbert’s team at British developer Argonaut Software for their brilliant wizardly work with Nintendo for the Star Fox game. 3d version for Cutherbert was indeed a rebirth for Star Fox.

Cuthbert explains that Star Fox 2 avoided linear, level-based design of is original.  The sequel introduced a more tactical and open arrangement with random elements that made it significantly different.  The animal crossing appears to be iterative, exploratory style game which was based on algorithms.

The Star Fox 2 was a more powerful version which is powered by Super FX version.  The main advantage according to Cuthbert was that it was a twice the speed.  A year ago, there was a set back on the release of Star Fox 2 prior to Nintendo 64 system’s due to come out.  According to Nintendo design luminary Shigeru Miyamaoto, other companies’ game consoles were using polygons all over the place.  The use of the expensive chip in the cartridge was put on a second thought. Reason being was because they did think that they could catch up.

Star Fox had many reasons for it to be canceled despite its many ideas like the 360-degree flying and the intro of a tank vehicle.  These made its way to Star Fox 64 released in 1997. A lot has been used to structure Star Fox 2 into Star Fox 64.

When former Nintendo programmer Kazuaki Morita started experimenting with the N64, Miyamoto, on the other hand,  thought that scenes that were made with a strong sci-fi bent that made Arwing feel more comfortable in flying. And this was the right platform for these ideas. For Miyamoto, the thought of it made him realize that they can actually make the sequel like a sci-fi film!

With Star Fox being created 22 years ago and is finally hitting on ts release.  Cutherbert thought more than being surprised.  Is Nintendo up for a Guinness World Record? For what reason there is, Nintendo made this a nice surprise for both the gamers and its creators!



EU Commission Hits Google With $2.7 Billion Fine

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager CGTN/Youtube
EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager speech

The European Commission just handed Google a $2.7 billion fine for prioritizing its products in its natural search results. The EU Commission ruled that the giant search engine company has been abusing its power and putting its own paid shopping products on top of search results.

The $2.7 (€2.42bn or £2.1bn) billion is by far the largest penalty against a company accused of distorting a market to date. It also includes an order that Google must end its anti-competitive practices within 90-days or else; they will pay further penalties amounting to 5 percent of their mother company Alphabet’s daily average global earnings.

Given the recent verdict, the EU Commission has not stated a specific guidance as to what Google would have to do to remedy the accused illegal practice. Except for advice that they should stop their antitrust activity to prevent further heavier penalties, there are no other clues as to what the EU wants with Google’s marketing strategy.

The EU Commission also stated that Google should refrain from doing any measure similar or an equivalent effect. Google must also comply with the simple principle that they should give equal treatment to rival comparison shopping services such as Amazon and Bing as to its very own service.

That means that Google has to apply its algorithm when using the search results to its services and not enjoy a favoritism scenario.

While the Commission Decision left the option to Google in choosing whichever method it decides to apply and the responsibility to ensure compliance, the search engine giant will be closely monitored. In addition to that, Google must also inform the Commission of its action within the first 60 days of the decision followed by periodic reports.

In an excerpt from the ruling, it said that “However, Dominant companies have a special responsibility not to abuse their powerful market position by restricting competition, either in the market where they are dominant or in separate markets.”

According to some experts, this decision from the EU Commission is quite controversial because it is penalizing Google for being a dominant force in its market field. Some people would say that as long as you own something, you are free to do away whatever you want with it.

While it is typically annoying sometimes that Google is prioritizing their comparison products over other rivals when displayed on its platform, it is still up to them whatever they intend to do with their services. Google is not a utility owned by any government.

Still, to understand Google’s criteria in determining which product or services will be on top or will be included on page one of its search result, it will be apparent that Google has not been abiding its very own criteria and rules of the algorithm when it comes to showing products on its platform. It favors its services.

Whether EU Commission made a wrong decision or Google is doing what it thinks is legal that is for any person to decide.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE To Resale On July 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Source: King's Tech/Youtube
amsung Galaxy Note 7 FE in Blue coral case beside its box.

Samsung’s most controversial smartphone will make its comeback this first week of July, and it will be named Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition (FE). After a humiliating recall last year, they assured the general public that they had taken extra precautionary measures regarding the smartphone’s battery this time around.

A Brief History

After less than two months from its launch, August last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to multiple incidents of the device exploding while being used or being charged. This has caused the company billions of dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in black onyx case with stylus.

The Next Move

Now, after some speculations and reports that the Galaxy Note 7 was being reconditioned to make a return in the global market, Samsung finally decided to make it happen. And this time they updated the software for more stability and security. Most especially, they placed a battery that passed the rigorous 8-point battery safety check.

Samsung also boasted that they also improved the durability of the batteries not just that of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE but also all other Samsung’s future products. That includes the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE will be reselling again with more than $200 discount. Reports said that the unit would be sold at around $600. Also, expect that the battery will be a little lower in capacity to lessen the public’s worry with regards to last year’s “exploding” incident.

Another reason for Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s refurbishing project was due to some campaign groups like Greenpeace concern if the 3 million handsets were to be discarded. It might have caused harm to the environment due to its materials.

Samsung’s Rise and Fall

Despite the billions of dollars lost, Samsung posted its biggest quarterly net profit last April this year. Thanks to the positive reception of the public for recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and hopefully the same thing happens with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

But their success was recently tainted by a scandal that has reportedly sent shockwaves within the company. Samsung Vice-Chairman Lee Jae-Yong is currently on trial for bribery case involving the former South Korean president Park Geun-Hye.

The issue was that Lee is being accused of bribing Park millions of dollars to seek government favors. Lee is the acting head of the giant company since his father’s heart attack incident in 2014. He is also expected to be the next president of Samsung Groups as he is the heir of his father’s legacy.

Should You Buy One?

So for those people who have waited long enough for the 2016’s greatest and probably also the all-time worst smartphone return, it is finally coming next week. So if you are holding out your budget for your next smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might worth your money and attention. To think that it will only cost around $600 when released. Considering the hardware inside this device, it should be a bargain after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 spec

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OnePlus 5 Available Now: Hurry And Get Yours!

The latest about OnePlus 5 The Tech Chap/Youtube
OnePlus 5 screenshot from The Tech Chap

After a week of waiting, finally, the most awaited smartphone branded as the flagship killer, the OnePlus 5 is ready for purchase via Amazon and the OnePlus Store. That means, no waiting in line as it is released globally.

After making so much hype last week, the OnePlus 5 had made so much fuss over Android and smartphone enthusiasts. Why? That is because it is the only smartphone powered by Google’s latest Android O (Oreo or Oatmeal Cookie) with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 that has below the $500 price point—at least with its 6GB version.

Variants Available

There will be two variants that will be available for purchase. The color gray version is the 64GB/6GB RAM which will cost US$479 and the color black version will have 128GB/8GB RAM and will be sold at US$539.

OnePlus 5
OnePlus 5 spec

Issues Settled

Despite the criticisms received when it was announced due to the quality of its display being not QHD and settled for the FHD resolution. OnePlus CEO Peter Lau defended the OnePlus 5’s smartphone display as the optimum option for its battery’s capacity.

He also added that the difference between QHD and FHD is hardly noticeable given the size of the phone which is 5.5 inches. And to sacrifice a longer lasting usage of the device for a resolution that is basically unnecessary would be a waste of resources stating that they do not play around with hardware specs and that they prefer giving the customers the best user experience.

Cons of OnePlus 5

The OnePlus 5 also lacks waterproofing which is available in other flagship phones. The phone was also bombarded with complaints of it being uncannily similar to the iPhone 7 of Apple.

The most recent controversy was about the rumored rigged benchmark result of the OnePlus 5 handset in which Lau also answered that their company just uses proper heat dissipation in order to tap the CPU’s maximum capacity. He even told the Indian Express that they do not even know how to overclock so rigging the benchmark result is not possible for them.

Hopefully, Lau’s statement helped the reputation of OnePlus 5 that was being ruined before it even released.

With the concern of the device’s price hike compared to their usual price point, Lau said that they had to adjust because the component costs have gone up across the industries. Noting that they also released an 8GB RAM version which is more compared to most flagships out there. Even the cost of the handset’s packaging has increased.

Should You Get OnePlus 5?

For what it’s worth, the OnePlus 5 is still significantly cheaper compared to similar hardware brands. And if the benchmark is as genuine as Lau claimed, then there is your answer for choosing OnePlus 5 as your next driver smartphone. That is of course if you are not brand-conscious. But the OnePlus name is currently considered a renowned brand in the smartphone industry so that should count for something.

To get your OnePlus 5 handset, it is now available in United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India and several countries in Europe. Or you can get it online on Amazon and its OnePlus Store which is available globally.



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