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This New Fidget Spinner App Connects To Your Device Via Bluetooth

Reports coming about the Fidget Spinner can connect Bluetooth feature. Source: agoverseasfan / Youtube
Reports coming about the Fidget Spinner can connect Bluetooth feature

A fidget spinner is a type of toy consists of a bearing in the focal point of a multi-lobed flat structure produced using metal or plastic intended to turn along its axis with little exertion.

Fidget was invented way back in the year 1993. In contrast, this type of toys became trending. Because of its striking design, many users buy different styles of fidget spinner. Sellers added some uniqueness in fidget spinner by using different materials that are better than the common one.

Many traditional schools banned this kind of toys because of educational reasons. Some students do not focus when the teacher is lecturing. Instead of copying notes at the blackboard, they play fidget spinner. Therefore, using fidget spinner in schools are unethical.

Some schools are having a big amount of trust in the Student. Teachers believe that there are not already kid. Thus the users make decisions themselves.

Fidget Spinners are the most entertaining things in these past weeks. In the future weeks to come, they might become more familiar. The company BlueSpin located at Italy is organizing a crowdfunding movement on Indiegogo. Some users stated that it would be the first Bluetooth fidget spinner in the world.

The Fidget app attached to the user’s mobile device while tracking the speed. The Spinner app also counts the user’s number of spins. Fidget is so powerful that even the tricks that the user is performing are detected. All user’s information is automatically listed in the Fidget app. The user can also view the worldwide leaderboard, to review if the person performed well or not.

One of the exciting features of Fidget Snipper app is a choice of competing with friends. In addition to that, you can duel with gamers around you through different challenges. Some of Fidget new challenges is the 1:1 match with another player. These determine how has a better trick.

The Fidget app is capable of building a community within the game. Meet more friends, enemies and top players. There is a video that has a walkthrough how the BlueSpin fidget spinner played.

The application also has an extra feature. Fidget Snipper app is almost the same as Apple’s Find my iPhone feature. Having a stress ball with connected GPS is a win-win situation.

Sadly, the application is not yet available to install and fully complete. Likewise, BlueSpin has ideas to roll out fast its first users on Indiegogo. These will help to fund the companies production efforts. Once the Indiegogo officially released, the user will able to secure their BlueSpin devices. The users can buy Spinner devices for 49 dollars.

The company stated that they have high expectations on their app. BlueSpin will start to ship different fidget spinner this September. The price is quite high but surely will give the user one of a kind experience.

At the end of the day, whatever kind of fidget spinner you use, The user will never stop playing fidget spinner

Why YouTube Isn’t iPhone’s Default App Anymore

YouTube and iPhone tandem. Source: Derral Eves/Youtube
YouTube and iPhone tandem.

Since the beginning of time when Apple launched the first iPhone, Google’s YouTube app was one of the default apps on the smartphone. And then after 2012, it is not anymore. What happened?

YouTube And iPhone Earlier History

According to reports, it was Apple who wanted YouTube to be a part of iPhones group of apps. It asked for a special privilege to get full access to the online video platform. And for this to happen, Apple even made an effort to develop the YouTube app all by itself. Google’s only role would be to give licensing right for the platform.

Five years later, Google made a move to take back everything about YouTube from the smartphone giant. This happened after Google’s Android took the helm to battle iPhone and its iOS head on. Google wanted to emphasize that it meant business.

And Then Everything Changed

Since Android is a licensed property of Google, it wanted YouTube to be one of its default app. Having YouTube standing on the other side of the river does not help the ascension of Android. When it comes to the battle for supremacy YouTube had to be on their side along with the plethora of apps exclusive and non-exclusive to both platforms.

On 2012, when Apple won the case against Samsung’s ripped-off features from Apple’s iPhone, Google got rattled. And it is only a matter of time before Apple turns its spotlight to the new rival mobile operating system.

Apple vs. Google

This incident might be the main reason that pushed Google to buy Motorola. That was to secure a broad range of patents that were under the mobile company’s belt. Google was preparing to arm itself for the Great War that will determine which operating system will dominate in the coming years.

The Battle Beyond YouTube

It was a battle between open and closed. The Android blossomed by distributing itself to other mobile manufacturing company and keeping itself free and open-sourced. Apple is doing everything from hardware to software to maintain its top-notched quality. All while still in full control of the platform and the mobile device itself.

This battle between the two giants is good for consumers, according to experts. To gain more customers on either side, each one must strive for excellence—one level higher than the last time and even better than the other one.

Along the lines of their competition, innovation turned to a fast lane. The prices of each smartphone manufacturers went down, while the two giants fought over which favors the general public, the small ones took as much opportunity as possible.

Google’s Android is now finally on par with iOS if not yet better. Regarding apps, Google Play Store just outnumbered the App Store by a couple of hundred thousand. As of January 2017, the Play Store has 2.7 million already, while compared to the App Store which only has 2.2 million.

It all started with Google wanting full control over the YouTube app for its Android platform. Unlike what other people know that it was Apple who kicked out YouTube out of its platform.

Despite what Google did regarding the online video platform, it is still possible to install YouTube inside the iPhone. You just have to download it manually. As a matter of fact, YouTube reigns as Apple’s fourth most downloaded free app.

Amazon Go: Why Is It Still Not Open?

Amazon Go store - Still not open? Source: Amazon/Youtube
Amazon Go store - Still not open?

It has been months since the unveiling of the Amazon Go store, but still, people do not see any signs that the store will finally open to the public anytime soon. When they announced it in a various multimedia platform and TV channels everybody waited.

The idea of entering a store and picking up an item and just walk out is such ease. No more lines to wait. No more checkouts to keep you. Isn’t it that the best shopping experience to ever experience?

A person only needs an Amazon account and a smartphone with Amazon Go app. They may enter the store and buy anything they want. But after the December announcement, how come it is still unavailable to the public?

What Is Amazon Go?

To put it simply, Amazon Go is a kind of store where a person can just pick a product and just leave. No checkout required. Created by Amazon, is a store that uses advanced shopping technology. Combined with other monitoring devices that learn your activities while inside the premises.

The store works much similar as to how self-driving cars do. There are sensors, computer visions, and the use of their AI technology. It is technically and basically, an advance setup of CCTVs if you want a more simplified explanation.

Any purchases that a person does inside the store will be charged onto the personal Amazon account. As soon as one walks out of the store, a notification will prompt and will inform the person of how much the purchase cost.

Why Still Not Open?

According to a former employee of Amazon, there are still bugs and technical issues that the whole Amazon Go system is trying to fix. Also, not to mention that there are chances that the Amazon store might be a target for theft and other malicious intention.

And with the recent news of Amazon and Whole Foods merger, it is highly relevant as to why the store and the app are still not available for everybody.

Amazon Go Future Plans

With the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon will get a better angle on their latest venture. The amount of data could be enough to finally help the online company to push through with the project.

People can expect that the Amazon Go will finally resume as soon as the deal is completed between the two. And according to analysts, that would be a little later this year. So no Amazon Go yet this month and probably in the next couple of months too.

Amazon stated that they would not integrate Amazon Go technology with the Whole Foods location. But it is highly possible that Whole Foods could become one of their biggest suppliers.

The unnamed source also added that if Amazon succeeds and fully developed their technology with the Amazon Go, it is likely that they will expand to other stores as well. That includes other online and offline stores. They just have to figure out when to open that very first store.

By the way, the store is located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street. You can come there and see it for yourself. It is open only for Amazon employees at the moment so if you know someone there; you can ask them to give you access just for an experience.

Share us your thoughts in the comment section below. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

Samsung And LG To Use Solid State Battery By 2019

Solid State Battery animation. Source: Seeker/Youtube
Solid State Battery animation

Smartphone batteries are the primary bottleneck of the fast-paced innovation of smartphones today. That could all change when the solid state battery will be available for smartphones soon. Unfortunately, soon is not this year. It is two to three years from now.

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made an “exploding” arrival last 2016, Samsung was put in a situation where they should start focusing on their batteries. Although it took a lot of time for the giant electronics company to figure out what went wrong with their batteries finally, they still figured it out.

And after that tragic incident, Samsung has finally made a significant breakthrough in their battery technology. Presenting the solid state batteries that do not overheat and will less likely to explode.

According to an unnamed official of Samsung SDI, a smartphone version of the solid state battery is in under development period. That is the same technology of batteries that are currently used in other electronic devices like the pacemaker and drones.

Solid State Battery

The solid state battery is a type of cell that does not use any liquid or gel. The liquid or gel in a typical li-ion battery is the primary cause of the explosion. That is because lithium when comes in contact with other compounds will explode. Lithium is highly reactive that it can even explode when exposed to moisture in the air.

Solid state batteries, on the other hand, do not use liquid or gel electrolytes as components to function. As in the name reliable means, it consists of solid electrolytes to let the current passes through it.

Solid State Battery
Solid State Battery animation 2

The technology is already available and just waiting to pass the tests and other conditions for final release in the market. The source also added that LG Chem had made similar progress with their battery-making division.

If the estimate is right, we could be having the technology in the next two years. A safer and higher capacity of electric charge could finally be possible. That means consumers can enjoy a longer usage with their handsets without having to worry about it being dangerous. Therefore, no more exploding batteries.

The Issue

The bigger problem that the technology currently faces remains the same – the cost of production. A thin film solid state battery could already cost $20 to $30. Basically, for the size of a smartphone battery, the cost will be exponentially high. Making a single handset cost at least triple its original price.

With positive results and the amount of time and people that are focusing on this technology, we could be seeing the Samsung Galaxy S10 or LG V50 with this battery. Supposing nothing hinders the development of this product. Obstacles will always happen, and that might prolong the development of this tech.

Perhaps it is safe to say that the most likely this innovation will thrive through the market is in five to eight years’ time. We will see.

Enpass Password Manager Adds Android O’s Autofill in Latest Beta

Take a look of one of the best created mobile operating system so far. Android O. Source: Android Authority / Youtube
Take a look of one of the best created mobile operating system so far. Android O

Google already released Android O, the newest version of the mobile operating system that rolls up by Summer 2017. The catch is, this big Android O can also be used if the user has any of Google’s smartphones.

Some of the tech giants phones are Google Pixel, Nexus 5X and Pixel C. Many users already sighted perfect new features in the beta version. Visual and performance are worth waiting for, that’s why many Android users are excited.

Android O’s features

Picture in Picture mode was sighted on iPad and some of the third-party apps on Android platform. This mode will grant you relay one app above of the another supported app.

This kind of multitasking is more compromised and easy than the split-window mode. It gives the users a relaxed experience.

Many people hate the slow boot time of a device. That’s why the company release a statement that the new Android O will help phones to boot the device faster. Also, even if it is not a Google phone, all devices which run this software will experience the same phase.

Google’s Android O will have their power saving feature. It will help the devices to last longer by deprioritizing the applications which do not run in the background.

Samsung’s newly released Galaxy S8 is the first high-tech Android device to be Bluetooth 5 ready. This technology will prolong the bandwidth while increasing the speed of wireless data. Bluetooth 5 also enhance the audio quality.

The notification dots of new Android O will give a notification bubble. As reported, Google will provide new glance icons that will help to make the device cooler.

With Android’s O release, the tech giant will replace the common emoji’s that was released on the older version.

Password manager

These are some of the features added in the latest update of Google about Android O. In the reports, Android O has an official API support, so users must expect to have an OS run smoothly.

1Password and LastPass already performed all functionalities that can work in these new OS. It will take a span of time until the developers successfully implemented the latest features beta version.

In its recent beta update, Enpass version 5.5.5. includes Android O’s support. For the users to successfully run it, the consumer must enable it in the app’s settings. Another way of implementing it by directing to system settings, then pick Languages and Input. After you clicked Autofill service, the user will have to select Enpass as the provider. When the user is already inside of Enpass, the OS will ask the consumer to Unlock the Enpass right in the text field.

If the user wants to try Android O, the person must be sure that the device already joins the beta of Enpass. After that, wait a little longer to have an update in the Google Play Store. Enpass is free to use but has a limitation of 20 login details. If the user exceeds the limit, the consumer must pay the $10-lifetime license.

iPhone 8 Might Not Use Touch ID on OLED

A demo phone with embedded fingerprint sensor on screen. Source: EverythingApplePro/Youtube
A demo phone with embedded fingerprint sensor on screen

iPhone lovers and enthusiasts have been speculating that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have its Touch ID on the OLED surface itself. That means removing the Home button below the screen entirely. In fact, videos on YouTube have been all about iPhone 8’s on-screen embedded fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 8 Innovation

Apple’s iPhone has been one of the symbols of innovation since Steve Jobs unveiled it ten years ago. And the upcoming iPhone is expected to deliver another giant leap of innovation in the last quarter of 2017.iPhone 8

One of those innovations includes the most anticipated fingerprint sensor embedded in the OLED display. If the leaked photos are to be believed, there will be no more Home button in front of the iPhone 8. Therefore, embracing the latest trend of a bigger estate for the screen—bezel-less smartphones.

The Problem

But that seems to be “impossible” at this time as the patent is currently of Qualcomm’s. And Qualcomm is facing a massive legal battle against Apple. The latter claims relating to patents and other royalties the iPhone is getting.

According to the lawsuit, Qualcomm has been basing its royalties on the entire makeup of the iPhone. When in truth, the giant chipmaker has only provided one component. And that is the modem that connects the device in LTE and WIFI hotspots.

Qualcomm was unfairly charging Apple for innovations that they do not have anything to do. And this lead for Apple to sue the chipmaker for $1 billion dollars. That is for engaging in anticompetitive licensing practices.

If this conflict does not get settled anytime soon, there will be a problem on Apple’s side. It is possible that the bezel-less iPhone 8 with Touch ID embedded on the screen might not happen late this year.

The Technology

Qualcomm has confirmed that they have finally developed the technology and one of it is placing a fingerprint sensor through displays, thick glass, and even metal. It can even perform underwater, detect heartbeat, and blood flow.

This is excellent news for iPhone fans as this means that the technology is viable. The only remaining issue is if Qualcomm and Apple could make a settlement shortly. Also, if Apple had already acquired the licensing to use the new technology for their handsets then perhaps it will happen.

Last Wednesday, June 28, Vivo unveiled their next generation of smartphone. It has the fingerprint scanning feature under the display. The unveiling happened in Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai. The technology comes from Qualcomm technology. The same that iPhone 8 planned to use when launching in October 2017.

It is the iPhone’s first decade, so hopes are high for the giant smartphone company to deliver a revolutionary iPhone 8. Otherwise, Vivo will be the first to take the credit for utilizing the first ever fingerprint scanning solution for their smartphones. And the “revolutionary” will be taken away from iPhone despite its most astounding smartphone yet.

Let’s hope that everything will work out fine in the coming days for both companies. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more news and updates.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update – News And Issues

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update build 16232. Source: Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update build 16232

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update build 16232 had started rolling out for Windows devices. The update included a lot of bug fixes and issues. They even added some extra layer of security and a much more advanced technology.

Devices among the supported models and hardware groups may consider themselves lucky. Unlike those from the low-end population that hasn’t got any updates and may never will in the future. This is due to a higher resource requirement of the latest kernel and all-around performance.

Microsoft applied a lot of changes for the Windows platform including the latest updates. Below are the major updates that you should know.

Major Updates and Improvements

Cloud Computing and Securities

The latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update included some essential features. It promises a better user-experience in a daily usage. One of those features is their approach to the growing demand for cloud computing and storage.

Microsoft will take advantage of the current cloud intelligence. They included the cloud clipboard to help users work faster across Windows devices. The user will be able to copy text from one device and paste to another.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows apps access across other platforms

Microsoft Defender

They are also planning to improve the security of the Windows 10 operating system’s Defender. They finally achieved this new security feature through the use of the new state of the art algorithm and leveraging the latest in technology to date.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows Defender new interface

We all know how fast and sophisticated our technology has been for the last decade. And with that, the same sophistication is being put to use by malicious attackers. They sabotage, steal personal data and even identities. This is why Microsoft is upping its entire Windows platform to minimize if not completely prevent such attacks.

They have also started to develop and implement a “highly differentiated vision.” Putting together automation, machine learning and behavioral analysis that is capable of stopping all types of malware and even advanced attacks during online presence.

Microsoft Edge

Most users don’t realize how dangerous it is to visit unfamiliar and not so famous sites. They tend to click away as soon as they see something of interest. To ensure customers safety, they applied a lot of security fixes inside the browser. They also added some improved application handling with third-party add-ons to prevent being hi-jacked quickly.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Microsoft Edge updated system


Microsoft also focused on one of the most common concerns of users—the power handling of their Windows machines. The latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update has now a more power-efficient approach regarding live apps and background tasks. A more improved power-saving mode, dubbed as Power Throttling will add more time when running on batteries.

Other Fixes and Updates

The new Timeline feature displays most frequent used app from your Windows device and even Windows apps that you use on other platforms. The constant crashing related with some installed languages have been addressed and fixed as well.

Fixed the DotNET 3.5 Framework issue without the need to uninstall the package. Also fixed the issue about File Explorer ribbon getting blurry when changing the DPI resolution.

Microsoft Word 2016 will not crash anymore when you try to ink it in. They also fixed the Microsoft Edge problem with autocomplete in URL.

Recent Issues

Leaked Source Code

After a reported data leak of Microsoft’s source code, a significant risk could potentially put the users under attack in the future. This is the main reason why the giant operating system company made the recent announcement focused on security vulnerabilities.

A whopping 32TB of data leaked from Microsoft’s database, according to reports. Then, a copy of the code was found posted online via the BetaArchive website. Fortunately, the admins of the website have agreed to take down the source code immediately. Still, visitors of the site have likely already downloaded the code of origin earlier.

Microsoft confirmed that the system of origin was, in fact, genuine which made a lot of Windows users anxious. It means that their Windows machines could be under enormous threats shortly. Their representative stated that only a small portion of the source code was stolen. Still, it could be at significant risk if the system of origin ever falls into the wrong hands.

In a statement released in The Verge, only 1.2GB was stolen and was posted online. The source code involves WIFI drivers, storage, and Microsoft’s USB.

Small or not, Microsoft cannot deny that it could still be a threat to users and a weapon to malicious hackers.

Wannacry Virus

Another issue that was discussed regarding the recent update of the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update was about the Wannacry virus. Victimized more than 200 thousands of computers in 150 countries, most of government and businesses.

This incident has pushed Microsoft to make quick fix across its Windows platforms from Windows 10 back to the old Windows XP. Windows XP is the operating system which the company ended their support with back in April 2014—one of the most targeted Windows version when the ransomware attacked.

This is why the operating system’s resident antivirus, Windows Defender Security Center is going to be more advanced from this update to other future releases. This move includes even the older Windows version such as Windows XP through the system update.

That should be good news to customers who are still using the old Windows XP. Sometimes antivirus is just not enough for protection. System weaknesses are priorities. To provide better and safer online experience is to address the problems earlier.

Microsoft warns the users of the Insiders version that they will not receive app updates in the meantime. All Windows versions and apps should be of the same build to create a synchronized platform. The distribution of new updates and new features testing will resume shortly.

The recent update included these features and available online. Users will be able to enjoy safer browsing activity without worrying about risks. But they are still mostly under development and will continue to improve over time said Microsoft representative.

Mass Effect Andromeda — DLC Not Cancelled

Mass Effect Andromeda title intro. Source: Pretty Good Gaming/Youtube
Mass Effect Andromeda title intro.

According to rumors, the Mass Effect Andromeda DLCs will stop its development. BioWare and Electronics Art will outsource the development of the Mass Effect series. Although Fernando Melo denied the rumors, they did not give any clue if there are even plans for it in the future.

Since its release in March 2017, fans of the series worldwide have been criticizing the game. And recently, a certain rumor has made the remaining fans of the game dislike it even more.

The Rumors

According to reports, the BioWare Montreal was set to support the other BioWare games. Andromeda was developed in BioWare Montreal studio. Not to mention that the game has been on hiatus since the release of patch version 1.06.

After that release, gamers were hopeful. The company was finally leading the game to a right track. The patch fixed some of the major issues. The balancing of the gameplay has improved. Some cinematic enhancement has made the experience a bit better.

And then the news about BioWare abandoning the project appeared online. The company moved to use Montreal as just a support for the other developing games just placed the nail on it. News about a number of BioWare Montreal staff transferred to EA Motive studio to work on Star Wars Battlefront 2.

BioWare Answers

In a report in Kotaku, there is no plan on continuing the Mass Effect series. The fact that there has been not any news about hiring a team to focus on the Andromeda is enough evidence. It just simply means that they will stop making any future development for the game.

More about the said rumor was that EA and BioWare were planning to hire a third party Austrian company to develop something for the Mass Effect Andromeda. The company was reportedly named Sinclair Networks.

Earlier today, BioWare have spoken and denied the rumors. They said that they’re not hiring a third party company to polish the game. That they do not need a third party company to handle its future developments. They stated that they have never heard of Sinclair Networks. The rumor about outsourcing the Andromeda game was entirely untrue.

Mass Effect Andromeda producer Fernando Melo tweeted While we can’t talk about future yet, I can def say we build our own DLC/patches for our games and don’t hire fake companies to do so”.

Mass Effect Andromeda
Fernando Melo Tweet

If BioWare is not going to stop development of the game and just on a hiatus period, doesn’t that mean that the Andromeda game will just have to endure the beatings? What would the fans of the game do in the meantime?

Sadly, the company has been awfully quiet about any updates or clue of their plans (if there are any) for the Mass Effect series. It’s a shame how much potential this game could achieve intended as the Bob Dylan of all games.

For those who are curious about the game, Mass Effect Andromeda is available for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and Microsoft Windows.

Watch out for more updates regarding this game and other titles available out there. Subscribe to our newsletter and bookmark this page for one-click access to our content.

Bitcoin Innovation Is Threatened With The New US Senate Bill

With a new US S.1241 law, digital currencies like Bitcoin required to declare in the user's assets. Source; NCIX Tech Tips / Youtube
With a new US S.1241 law, digital currencies like Bitcoin required to declare in the user's assets

The new US Senate bill has a purpose of strengthening criminal punishment of law against graft and corruption. The main reason for this bill is the money laundering which is the stable resource of the terrorist groups. In addition to that, big syndicates and cartels also benefit with this issue.

However, after the bill is implemented, this problem will stop. The bill was proposed by three senators which named Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Cornyn, and Sen. Whitehouse.

Looking forward, The US Bill number S.1241 discouraged people entering the border of United States while carrying nameless assets. Specifically, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium and other digital currencies are not allowed if the bill is passed.

The US government encourages users to withdraw their digital currencies if the people want to go to the United States. If not, Bitcoin and other digital currencies will be forfeited. The people are also required to declare digital currency assets with more than $10,000 if the users cross the US borderline.

In addition to that, the Senators rushing the new bill because many violent terrorist attacks are having this past day. They stated that it is necessary to time to implement the bill. The US needed to develop their anti-money law laundering law for them to retain even the digital age comes.

Counterproductive bill

This bill was admired for bridging the party lines to address the crucial problem of the nation. Many experts are giving warnings to the present bill that once it was implemented, the current innovations might suppress in the future financial world.

CNAS stated that there is no reliable evidence stated that the terrorist organizations use these different digital currencies to support themselves. Therefore, this kind of arguments in the bill’s necessity is becoming a burden to the Blockchain groups.

According to Jerry Brito, Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium builds the Blockchain technology. That is why this kind of cryptocurrencies is relevant as the internet web. In contrast, the web also has many illegal activities.

One example of this illegal activities is the hacking services offered in the deep web. If the user pays the hacker, the client must convert his dollars to bitcoin. That’s why it is a huge burden to the cryptocurrency companies that are actively working.

Another appropriate challenge in this field also is the qualification of a digital currency company to retrieve permit or certificate in all states. Specifically, who manages to maintain consistent protocols with federal and pertinent state standards, which the company is granted permission to operate.

Brito stated that a single federal registration for digital currency companies cost more than the smaller firms. The managers will be able to command these companies.

Expect some form of regulation

Many government establishments and group are still working on Blockchain and digital currencies hidden talent.

At the end of the day, different organizations in each state have a different stand on digital currency. Likewise, it will take a little amount of time until the stable control over Bitcoin and other digital currencies

How To Protect Your Windows Computer From The Petya Ransomware Attack

This new ransomware deals more damage than WannaCry. It already affects 65 countries in a span of 2 days. Source: CNET / Youtube
This new ransomware deals more damage than WannaCry. It already affects 65 countries in a span of 2 days.

A new ransomware attacked more than 65 countries. Petya is the new malware that is more dangerous than previous ransomware WannaCry. Petya has more power to create big damages. Here are some of the tips to protect the user’s computer from this trending ransomware.

Download latest patch from Microsoft

Petya has the same function with WannaCry, as this malware finds a vulnerability in older systems of Windows. The function in Window’s older systems is called EternalBlue. This system is not supported already by Microsoft because it is too old. The problem is, companies cannot upgrade immediately their Windows OS because the price is too high.

Last March, Tech giant Microsoft releases a patch that will protect their users from this kind of ransomware attacks. The user will just download the latest patches and the computer will be safe. In addition, Microsoft released more patches because of older Windows operating systems. That time, WannaCry rolls out more than 70 countries including Russia.

If the user enables the function in Microsoft where they will install updates automatically, the consumer must not worry probably because the patch is already installed.

For those users who did not enable this function or do have a support like the new OS, they can still protect the computers by means of a manual patch. First, go to the Microsoft. The user will find the patches that are needed to protect the operating system based on what version the consumer has.

Install protection programs

The user must download programs who offered protection service, not because the user prevents to have attacks on the computer. These download programs will update the user if there is an upcoming threat that is dangerous. This kind of special programs including security features that the user can see in other devices. This program consists of protective software that is free, firewalls and an updated anti-virus programs.

Don’t click on anything that is suspicious
Some users make their computer vulnerable because of phishing emails. This type of emails is almost legitimate when you see it in the first place. These emails are so powerful that it can automatically install a malware in the user’s computer with noticing it.

The user can detect if this is a malware if there is a mistake in an email. Even it has a single mistake.

Secure yourself when connecting public Wi-Fi by VPN

When the user is using a public internet connection or Wi-Fi, you are tracked. It means that all people that connected in the network are viewed. That’s is why there is a prompt in the computer if the network is Home or Public. If the user chose public, the computer automatically hides the information needed by using VPN. This feature is already set in the user’s settings.

If the user does not have VPN in a computer, there are many free applications out there. The user’s usage of VPN can protect you to be tracked by someone else. Although it cannot help the user to have fight malware, this feature can help you to be not the target of hackers.




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