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Microsoft Will Support “Gift A Game” in Xbox One Store

Xbox One
Xbox One poster

One of the most requested features in Xbox One Store by thousands is the ability for gamers to purchase a game and send it as a gift to other users or individuals within the digital store. It seems Microsoft finally has heard the outcry and will make it happen soon.

Microsoft Xbox One Answers

Yesterday, a user asked on Twitter about the possibility of game gifting in Xbox One. Hours after that, Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President of Xbox One and Windows Gaming Platform answered, “Not far.”

Although Ybarra did not directly say any further details about his response, his words said a lot already. And the point is they have considered it. Perhaps they are already taking steps to make this happen shortly.

For a long time, this feature has been a request from a lot of Xbox One users. And when Steam made this feature available in their platform, the number of people who wanted this in Xbox One doubled.

The Long Wait Could Be Over

In the Xbox One forum, this topic about “game gifting” has already made an extensive list of reactions. Some of them have been wondering why this thing is not available yet. A lot of platforms have had this feature for quite some time already. And finding out that Microsoft has not made this stuff available yet is puzzling.

This feature is technically going to boost their game sales rocket high. This can be a chance for those people who want an individual game but do not have a credit to make the purchase. They could have their friend or other family members to give it to them as a gift.

Xbox One
Xbox One game console

In other cases, this feature can be used by other groups to use Xbox One’s list of games as a prize for their events and occasions. Game gifting has been around for quite some time. So it is high time that Microsoft does the same thing for their digital game store.

The Timing Should Be Perfect

Speaking of occasions, let’s all hope that this feature will be up and running on Xbox One right before the Christmas month. It would make much sense to use game gifting to practice generosity at this time of the year.

Xbox One
Xbox One logo

Besides, if the season is the same as the past years, this is the time when an extensive list of new releases will be available for purchase. A lot of games are expected to be launched during this period, so the timing is perfect for it.

If this great news pans out, a lot of gamers should be hyped by now. Except for the upcoming new releases, they should start listing their game options. It is because the best way to enjoy a single game title is to have someone play it with you. And that in itself is a great reason to do digital gifting as Steam has done with its store.

What do you think about this news? Do you already have a game in mind to give to a particular person? Please do share it in the comment section below to tell Microsoft that we all want it to happen soon.

Upcoming Smartphones Release Dates and Specification Leaks

Lets take a look with newest and advanced smartphones that will roll out before the year ends, Source: EverythingApplePro / Youtube
Lets take a look with newest and advanced smartphones that will roll out before the year ends,

The evolution of phones is very fast. It’s like ten years ago when the world only has a Nokia 3310, that is not touch screen. Then every year passed, the improvements of smartphones soar high. If the user can only use fingerprints in where they are working, today they have their fingerprint scanner in their smartphones. Last time, the user can only use face recognition in some of the biggest companies that

Last time, the user can only use face recognition in some of the biggest companies that have advanced technology, but now they can now enjoy this feature in their iPhones.

Samsung’s Bixby specifications

In the past months, there is much news about the newest release of smartphones around the world. In addition to that, Samsung has already rolled out their powerful smartphone that they can have. Galaxy S8 has an Infinity Display with about 80 percent of the phone is eaten by its screen. Even with its critical issue about the Note 7 that has a problem with the battery, Samsung managed to get back on the track. Galaxy S8 has its newest and most advanced voice AI that the world has, Bixby.

Even with its critical issue about the Note 7 that has a problem with the battery, Samsung managed to get back on the track. Galaxy S8 has its newest and most advanced voice AI that the world has, Bixby. The AI has “Bixby Vision” where the user will picture a thing then Bixby will find it on the internet, which is very impressive. Imagine the world that does not worry about unfamiliar things, that’s because of Bixby’s powerful coding. Even though the AI’s features are not unleashed fully, Samsung wants the users to enjoy upcoming features in the nearest feature.

Galaxy Note 8 as the expensive smartphone in the world.

Samsung proves again that they are the most advanced, impressive smartphones on the planet with their release of Galaxy Note 8. Even though the smartphone will roll out by August, many users are super excited to look the newest features it has.

Following the scandal in its predecessor Galaxy Note 7, that is banned in many countries because of battery that is exploding. Samsung lost millions of dollars because of this faulty mistake. The company also made that the decision about the global recall of all Note 7’s and by making money back to the consumers because of the shame it had in the company.

Today, Samsung prove the world that they might fall, but they will rise again. That’s why they are Number 1 regarding most selling smartphone in the world.

According to Forbes, Evan Blass that has a username in Twitter @evleaks stated that the Note 8’s price would be over $1,100. Blass also highlighted that this smartphone will be the most expensive cell phone in the world right now.

Google’s Pixel 2 and Nokia’s six specifications

The search engine giant is back with the smaller Pixel 2 who will have a screen that is only 4.97 inches wide. Pixel 2 will have OLED screen that is already rolled out in Samsung’s S8.

Nokia has come back in the action when they release the first smartphone that has Android platform, Nokia 6. According to the leaks, the price starts as low as $229 having a Snapdragon 430 chipset and IPS LCD screen.

Apple Is Looking To Replace The Fingerprint Scanner With It’s Face Scanning Technology

Can iPhone 8's face recognition technology can outstand Samsung's Galaxy S8? Source: Marques Brownlee / Youtube
Can iPhone 8's face recognition technology can outstand Samsung's Galaxy S8?

Apple is a well-renowned company today because of its newest, advanced smartphones that they can only offer. The company started rolling iPhone series by Steve Jobs, which is a good success. After the victory of iPhone in the market, Apple started to produce iPod, iWatch, and Macbook. Today, the company has sold more than 78 million copies of smartphones all around the world. That makes the Apple number 2 in terms of sales behind Samsung.

Apple stated earlier that they are working on a special feature that will unlock the user’s iPhone using face recognization. Because of this transition, the company will not use fingerprint scanner anymore.

Apple received a lot of criticism after the company removes the headphone jack in iPhone 7. With these changes, Apple iPhone 7 sales go down. According to the users, the re-adjustment of headphone jack gives them hassle to listen to music. In addition to that, there is no major changes happen in the iPhone 7. Many users stated that it is a “waste of money” to buy iPhone 7 and they insist on buying iPhone 6s than the company newest smartphone.

iPhone 8’s newest feature

According to Bloomberg, Apple begins to test the improved version of its security system. This version allows the users to do many things using their face such as logging in, authorize the payments, and protecting the apps. In addition, the iPhone 8 is back with the improved 3-D sensor.

The user must not worry about the accuracy and its speed because Apple assures everybody that it will not be a problem. According to Bloomberg, even the user’s device is laying flat, it will be efficient and dependent.

In previous tests, the face scanning technology feature unlocks the iPhone faster than the fingerprint scanner. Which stated that is much more secure than the old Touch ID feature.

iPhone 8 face scanning technology vs Galaxy S8 iris scanner

All users know that this feature is not latest because of their ultimate rival Samsung, already included many features like the fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and face recognition. That makes Galaxy S8 the most advanced smartphone in the whole world.

Even though they suffer a lot because of the company issues in Note 7’s exploding battery and global recall, they bounced back stronger. But even with these features, some reports stated that the users were able to bypass and trick its iris feature with printed

But even with these features, some reports stated that the users were able to bypass and trick its iris feature with printed photocopies of the user’s eyes. According to Apple, their latest feature includes 3-D depth perception. It concludes that this feature cannot be tricked with a person’s printed photocopies.

As Apple celebrates its tenth anniversary, the company is also pursuing to embed new steel edges, glass case, and bigger display in their new iPhone.

As reported in previous articles, the new iPhone will have an OLED screen that reproduces the colors more fiercely. Although it is not the first because of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the company are looking forward to embedding this in the future.



LineageOS Supports NVIDIA Shield, Motorola Droid 4

LineageOS and Android N. Source: Maurson Technology/ YouTube
LineageOS and Android N

LineageOS has expanded its support even more with other handset phone models that are currently unsupported by their brands. Nexus 9, some earlier Motorola models, and NVIDIA Shields are now part of LineageOS roster of mobile phones that can utilize its full power.

What is LineageOS?

LineageOS is the successor to the highly popular CyanogenMod that was a custom stock version of Android. CyanogenMod made its debut back in 2009 and offered a lighter environment and much smoother Android performance.

Like the CyanogenMod, Lineage OS also promises to deliver a pure Android experience without the bloat and other unnecessary features. Android users know how much bloatware a company puts inside their Android phones. Only to promote their apps and other services.

Since its official release in December 2016, it took a very quick ascension with regards to its popularity. This proves that millions of Android users prefer a much lighter version. They want an operating system that can use the maximum potential of their Android devices.

LineageOS optimizes everything from processor activities down to the battery usage to deliver a better experience within the Android operating system. Its last major release was version 14.1 although it is constantly being updated according to their official site.

LineageOS Updates And Changes

Regarding with the LineageOS’ last update, it added more support to other not so old models. The popular NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Shield TV 2015 users can now enjoy this custom modified Android OS. Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola RAZR/RAZR MAXX also have added support for their site. In fact, the updated custom ROM is now available for downloads.

Some updates are with regards to its resident internet browser, the Jelly. Some issues with the browser received improvements like links from Incognito opens in the same incognito tab now. Support for saving data such as passwords and usernames is also now available within the browser activities.

You can also change search engine choices if you want. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and the default DuckDuckGo are now accessible anytime in the browser. Links for external apps can now open through that app. For example, YouTube links that show in Jelly when clicked will open in the YouTube app itself.

Improvement in the Battery QS feature has also received a fix. The tiles are now more customizable, especially with the custom tiles. Developers of have integrated these changes within the OS framework.

Another important feature that received some changes was the Updater App. It now does not automatically install major version upgrades that lead many users to not notice the changes and end up with incompatible add-ons.

LineageOS handset

Bring Your Old Android Phone Back To Life

For people interested in giving life to some of their old phone models, you can give LineageOS a try. To know if your Android handset is supported, you may visit their site now.

They posted every supported device on their website. They also have a great community which helps other users do the custom mod and even offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to install LineageOS into their phone.

Huawei Mate 10 Will Go Bezel-less This October

Huawei Mate 10. Source: Everything in one/YouTube
Huawei Mate 10 concept art

Huawei is about to release its flagship phone that will go head to head with other global smartphone companies. That means they are going bezel-less with the upcoming Huawei Mate 10.

Since Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 have released their versions of bezel-less displays, it is no surprise that other brands will follow as well. Otherwise, they will be left behind regarding innovation and what people are interested with.

One of China’s local brands, the Xiaomi Mi Mix has been the first ever commercially available bezel-less phone. And now, another of their local brand will join the roster of the bezel-less beasts—the Huawei Mate 10.

Huawei Mate 10

For those familiar with Huawei’s line of smartphones, this will not come as a surprise. Since all the smartphones with the “Mate” name will have the size of a phablet. Just like its previous Mate 9 released last November 2016.

Huawei Mate10 is also reported to use its in-house processor, the Kirin 970. This processor is built in 10nm TSMC and boasts an octa-core powerhouse. It also sports a Cat. 12 LTE Band for more stable data connection.

The display is expected to showcase Japan’s next generation 6-inch display with 18:9 aspect ratio. This display will have a thin bottom edge like its other three sides. Which is best for the trending bezel-less edges.

Other features include 3D-sensing hardware, dual camera, and full support for the Augmented Reality technology. The facial recognition will also appear in this smartphone making it very much a rival against other smartphone flagships of today.

Huawei Mate 10
Huawei Mate 10 supposedly leaked prototype image

What Would Make Huawei Mate 10 Standout?

As the trend for bezel-less smartphones has already sailed, we see handsets with this technology more and more every day. And it will only be a matter of time till we could say that bezel-less is finally the norm.

Huawei Mate 10 will arrive this October, and one of the things that will make it stand out among those giants flagships is its battery. If Huawei Mate 10 will be as power-charged as the previous Huawei Mate 9, anybody can expect to have this smartphone with 4000mAh or more.

Huawei Mate 10
Huawei Mate 9

The other thing is its dual camera. Huawei has made a focused delivery using Leica’s optical camera. And by definition, the optical camera is always better than its digital counterpart. Besides, optical camera functions mostly through its hardware capability rather than rely on software program embedded to function with the camera.

This year’s phablet competition might not be as easy as last year. That is because last year was when Samsung Galaxy Note 7 made the explosive headline. Eliminating Samsung’s phablet behind and pulled out of the market.

That event made Huawei Mate 9 the best alternative for the Note 7. This year will be a lot different because Samsung will release their Galaxy Note 8. Reports said that this year comes as Samsung’s big comeback to raise their “Note” line as an answer to last year’s incident.

Whatever happens in the coming months of their release, let’s hope that it will benefit the users more than the smartphone companies itself.

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Google Wants To Launch New Generations Of Phones.

Google wants to kill the old phones with Project Fi. Source: zollotech / Youtube
Google wants to kill the old phones with Project Fi.

Following the 10th iPhone’s anniversary, the company first launched it on June 29, 2007. When the ex-CEO Steve Jobs first introduced the Apple’s iPhone in the world, he stated three important products in the future. First is the mobile phones, iPod and iPhone, and ICD or internet communications device.

Steve Jobs eccentric definition of iPhone apprehended only if the smartphone users recall the time when Apple had never specified the coming of App Store. Jobs’ weird description of the iPhone is comprehensible only if you recall that at the time

In the world today, the definition of smartphones in the term “iPod” and ICD is simply an app. Because we reach advanced technology and most of the users have a smartphone, there is a wide range of apps that can do all sorts of things. The estimated applications in the App stores are 2.2 million.

According to Computer World, a smartphone is specified in two things: a computer while having a phone in the device. They also explained these two things. A phone is a functioning part of the smartphone that handles all current text messages and calls. A computer is a mobile operating system in the cellphone who handles the functionality to connect the device to the Internet by using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Because the feature of “computer” in smartphones devoured all applications like camera, music player, FM radio, location, torch, alarm clock and a lot of things, still it consumes the feature of “phone” in the user’s smartphone.

Because of the domination of “computer” features in a smartphone, Google has a proposal that will make a smartphone a phone.

In addition to that, it will take a little amount of time before the Internet-based calls take over the voice calls like Viber and Facebook. The company is also looking forward to speeding up the prices.

Google’s Project Fi as the future gateway for the upcoming smartphones.

Google already announced this week that the G Suite can now be used with Project Fi. To enable the Project File, the user must sign up as a G Suite administrator.

Even the company already started to roll out this newest feature; they already know that Google cannot launch it for business and enterprises yet. The original plan in the Project is only up to six users. But in the actions of the company, they are likely to expand it to enterprises in the future.

Recalled earlier, Project Fi is the first MVNO of the company. It is partnered with US giant telecom companies like T-Mobile and Sprint. This gives the company a lot of resources and options to improve the project in all aspects.

Last January, some beta users noticed something. They stated that VoLTE handled the calls made on the phone.

Because VoLTE empowers LTE. The users stated that it gives the users high-performance while having a good approach rather than the regular VOiP’s. With this biggest upcoming feature by Google, the users expect a better technology in the future days to come.


Still No Pre-Order For SNES Classic In US, Here’s Why

SNES Classic box. Source: SwitchForce/Youtube
SNES Classic box

The popular Nintendo retro gaming console, SNES Classic is due to launch September 29, 2017. If you are a fan of this console and you are just learning this now, you are probably thinking of rushing to online stores and grab a pre-order offer. But unfortunately, even pre-orders have been sold out.


Amazon UK has posted a “Not Available” note on their SNES Classic page. Their stocks have pretty much sold out immediately. At least the UK is lucky enough to get some.

In the US, there has been absolutely none. According to Nintendo Life, the Federal Communications Commission has not yet released an approval for this device yet. The FCC is an independent agency that quality checks electronic devices that enter the US market. They ensure that the electromagnet interference that it generates is at a safe limit.

The Reason Of Delay

This is most likely the reason why a lot of electronics store and other online and offline outlets do not have the SNES Classic on their brochures. It is safe to say that these stores do not include in their listing any product that has no FCC approval yet.

There is a big chance that that might be the very reason why pre-orders for SNES classic is still not happening. Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart only have placeholder pages to accommodate customers that are currently looking for the console.

Microsoft also stated that this is the same reason for them. Their XBOX One X is also not available for pre-order. This is because the unit has not yet been FCC-approved. So up until now, they are still doing all that is required to get approved as soon as possible.

But there was also this rumor why exactly FCC is taking too long to approve this device. Nintendo made the SNES Classic. It’s highly unlikely that they’re going to produce a device that emits harmful electronic interference. It is likely that Nintendo and even Microsoft is trying to play it safe.

By playing it safe, it means that both companies are avoiding a leak of information when they start filing for FCC approval. There have been incidents before that information leaked because of some clever fellows has discovered a way to get their hands on FCC filings. This happened before with XBOX One S last year.

SNES Classic Scalpers

And while all this hold up is happening, scalpers are taking advantage of the situation. They buy all the available SNES Classic devices so that they could sell it to enthusiasts on a higher price.

US retailers should find a way to combat scalpers to avoid panic buying among customers who are eager to their hands on products, not just SNES Classic. And then there is also that factor where Nintendo will just produce more SNES Classic device to prevent this incident in the future.

Again, SNES Classic will launch on September 29, 2017. The device costs $59.99/£49.99 with only one controller. On the other hand, the SNES Classic Mini costs $79.99/£69.99 with two controllers.

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Mexico Bans Roku Sales For Pirated Content

Roku Ultra Device. Source: Lon.TV/Youtube
Roku Ultra device

For the second time, Televisa won the court’s favor and finally made a stop to the sales of Roku in Mexico. The lawsuit pertains to the company’s earlier complain about Roku’s hacked system software. The device being used to distribute pirated content from them and other licensed distributors.

Roku is now officially banned in Mexico. Not to be sold in any commercial chain in any parts of the country. Despite its appeal to suspend the court’s order, the final decision went through last week. All sales activity of the device will be prohibited.

What is Roku?

Roku is a digital media streaming device that collects and distributes data from the internet. The device has to connect online for it to function as intended. It can connect to WI-FI or even wired internet connection via a router. The gathered digital content is then distributed to any types of television with appropriate input connections.

Roku, Inc manufacture and distributes the digital device. The sixth company founded by Anthony Atwood.

The content that it offers belongs and licensed to known legitimate cable providers or digital channels. The likes of Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and even YouTube are its usual content. For more channels and content, you may check their site.

The Issue

Reports have revealed that some groups and individuals have found a way to hack the device. They can easily bypass the security feature of Roku. The bypass uses unpopular channels to distribute pirated movies and shows from various legal sites and provider.

These individuals charge users for a certain amount to distribute the pirated content. These individuals use WhatsApp to promote and offer their services. That is why they are not easy to track.

Eventually, it came to the attention of Cablevision. The cable company filed an order to cease sales distribution of the digital device. To minimize if not eradicate the illegal practice entirely.

Roku filed a motion to the court to reconsider and suspend the ruling. But Televisa was not about to let the practice continue. Despite the back and forth for quite some time, Televisa finally won the case.

Cablevision clarified that the lawsuit targets the illegal activities done with Roku devices. The cable company is well aware of Roku’s policy against piracy.

The only problem is that their system software is too easy for hackers to manipulate. That is the reason why the order was about the banning of the digital device and not penalizing Roku.

Roku’s Statement

Steve Kay, General Counsel for Roku, stated that the company does not agree with the court’s decision. Therefore, they will still find ways to continue their legal efforts to provide their services in Mexico. Also, they are confident that the ruling will not have an immediate effect on the market and its potential customers.

“Today’s decision is not the final word in this complex legal matter, and it is not expected to prevent consumers from purchasing Roku products in Mexico at this time,” said Steve Kay. Roku is still available in the market and other distributing outlets like Amazon and Best Buy.


Delhi Police Are Looking Forward To Release The Improved Version of Himmat

Himmat will allow the users to call emergency hotlines for their protection. Source: CNN-News18 / Youtube
Himmat will allow the users to call emergency hotlines for their protection

The Delhi Police conducted a survey to learn what will they improve to make the application better. The police released a safety app for women called Himmat to assemble the helpline numbers in only one station. For the record, Himmat will launch in its third time after with its previous mistakes.

According to NDTV, the app started to launch in the year 2015 and eventually the project failed. They made their second try in April 2017 but still, lacking some functions and skills. Even with this back to back failures, Delhi Police believes that the application will work in the nearest possible time.

IIIT Students as the facilitator for the upcoming new release of Himmat

The Delhi Police invite the concerned students from IIIT (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology). The institute is known for having the genius, fast-learner students that’s why they are the focus of the police.

The students have a task to conduct the study in the campus to analyze and study the lackings and mal-functionalities of the app. Because IIIT students had a young age and known for having a lot of ideas in field of application

Because IIIT students had a young age and known for having a lot of ideas in the field of application, Amulya Patnaik said that the project would be a success.

Amulya has been appointed as the newest Delhi Police commissioner that will retire in the year 2020. Despite in his old age, he serves the as the top Delhi Police officer for almost three years. Also, Amulya stated that they would tally and settle these things by the end of July.

According to NDTV, IIIT students have already suggested many changes in design, features and other things that will make the app great. In addition to that, they will finalize the registration process as soon as the plan is already settled.

The app Himmat will also give the users more accessibility in a way that they can reach a wide of helping numbers quickly by combining them on only one platform.

Improved Version of Himmat expected features

In further studies, the students found out that the user must register on the app in the second time, which they figured out that this process is time consumable.

In addition to that, IIIT Students discovered that the application Himmat has no awareness at all. Many students suggest that the color background of the app should be relaxing and more appealing. Because the people lived in a world that does not want a harsh environment, they also insisted that the app notifications and messages should be odd, but not to the point that it will be boring.

The newest version will also administer the user to evaluate the app in the nearest possible time after it builds in the device. The user will also don’t have to remember the password again after login it the last time because the application will save the passwords in the app.

They are also looking forward to making the app more attractive in the next days to come. Delhi Police assures the users that they will have an improved version of the app.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Will Be Cautious With Their Battery

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concept. Source: Kevin The Tech Ninja/Youtube
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept

After last year’s exploding arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is ready to unveil the next Note in the Galaxy series. Although this time, it will hold back on one of its features. Let’s find out the rumors that are all Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If there is a chance that you have not heard about the incident of the previous Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s exploding battery issues, the let me initiate you before we move on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note 7 was released last August 2016. Being that it was from Samsung line of flagships, the Note 7 was the best of its time. It features the latest version of the Iris scan technology. A sensor that gives the user the ability to unlock the phone through scanning the irises (eyes) of the owner.

But then, after a few weeks from its final release, the distribution of Note 7 halted. News of the said handsets that were exploding has scattered all over the internet especially YouTube. So in September, Samsung announced the formal recall of all handsets around the world.

After such incident, some experts speculated that the “Note” series might get cut off for good because of the Note 7 scandal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Fortunately, Samsung knows how to handle these kinds of “issues” and they did not drop the Note series just because of one bad batch. And to prove that they learn from their mistakes, they moved to improve some of their technology. They put up a new department that focuses on their next generation of batteries.

After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, it’s Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s turn. And it is no wonder that people are curious about this next handset and one of those reasons is the battery state.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept B

According to rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a meager 3000mAh or close to that. That is 500mAh lesser than the Note 7. This is because Samsung is playing it safe for the public consumers. If the company insists on a bigger capacity, it is likely that the customers will think twice before buying the latest handsets.

Despite the rigorous new methodology of creating their new batch of batteries, you cannot blame the consumers for having second thoughts. After all, Note 7 was a bad image to boot with.

The Other Hardware

Other specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or the Samsung’s Exynos 8895. A 6GB of RAM with a built-in memory of either 64GB or the 128GB will support the system. The size of the screen is expected to be around 6.3inches AMOLED display in 2K resolution with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9.

Expect the camera to be similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8—dual camera that has 12-megapixel capacities on both sensors. The overall design will surely follow through the S8’s infinity display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Concept 2

The price range is where everything gets a little more confusing. Earlier rumors suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the most expensive smartphone the company has ever released. But according to ValueWalk, Samsung might not go pricey on the Note 8. Given the reputation of its predecessor, they might go for $700-$800 price point.

We will find out soon enough whether Samsung will go expensive with the Note 8 or not. The release date might come weeks before the iPhone 8’s launching. So that might be in around September.

If that is the case, which would you prefer; Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or would you rather wait for the iPhone 8? Share your thoughts in the comment section and feel free to subscribe to our newsletter for heads up on our latest and current content.



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