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Bitcoin Innovation Is Threatened With The New US Senate Bill

With a new US S.1241 law, digital currencies like Bitcoin required to declare in the user's assets. Source; NCIX Tech Tips / Youtube
With a new US S.1241 law, digital currencies like Bitcoin required to declare in the user's assets

The new US Senate bill has a purpose of strengthening criminal punishment of law against graft and corruption. The main reason for this bill is the money laundering which is the stable resource of the terrorist groups. In addition to that, big syndicates and cartels also benefit with this issue.

However, after the bill is implemented, this problem will stop. The bill was proposed by three senators which named Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Cornyn, and Sen. Whitehouse.

Looking forward, The US Bill number S.1241 discouraged people entering the border of United States while carrying nameless assets. Specifically, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium and other digital currencies are not allowed if the bill is passed.

The US government encourages users to withdraw their digital currencies if the people want to go to the United States. If not, Bitcoin and other digital currencies will be forfeited. The people are also required to declare digital currency assets with more than $10,000 if the users cross the US borderline.

In addition to that, the Senators rushing the new bill because many violent terrorist attacks are having this past day. They stated that it is necessary to time to implement the bill. The US needed to develop their anti-money law laundering law for them to retain even the digital age comes.

Counterproductive bill

This bill was admired for bridging the party lines to address the crucial problem of the nation. Many experts are giving warnings to the present bill that once it was implemented, the current innovations might suppress in the future financial world.

CNAS stated that there is no reliable evidence stated that the terrorist organizations use these different digital currencies to support themselves. Therefore, this kind of arguments in the bill’s necessity is becoming a burden to the Blockchain groups.

According to Jerry Brito, Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium builds the Blockchain technology. That is why this kind of cryptocurrencies is relevant as the internet web. In contrast, the web also has many illegal activities.

One example of this illegal activities is the hacking services offered in the deep web. If the user pays the hacker, the client must convert his dollars to bitcoin. That’s why it is a huge burden to the cryptocurrency companies that are actively working.

Another appropriate challenge in this field also is the qualification of a digital currency company to retrieve permit or certificate in all states. Specifically, who manages to maintain consistent protocols with federal and pertinent state standards, which the company is granted permission to operate.

Brito stated that a single federal registration for digital currency companies cost more than the smaller firms. The managers will be able to command these companies.

Expect some form of regulation

Many government establishments and group are still working on Blockchain and digital currencies hidden talent.

At the end of the day, different organizations in each state have a different stand on digital currency. Likewise, it will take a little amount of time until the stable control over Bitcoin and other digital currencies

How To Protect Your Windows Computer From The Petya Ransomware Attack

This new ransomware deals more damage than WannaCry. It already affects 65 countries in a span of 2 days. Source: CNET / Youtube
This new ransomware deals more damage than WannaCry. It already affects 65 countries in a span of 2 days.

A new ransomware attacked more than 65 countries. Petya is the new malware that is more dangerous than previous ransomware WannaCry. Petya has more power to create big damages. Here are some of the tips to protect the user’s computer from this trending ransomware.

Download latest patch from Microsoft

Petya has the same function with WannaCry, as this malware finds a vulnerability in older systems of Windows. The function in Window’s older systems is called EternalBlue. This system is not supported already by Microsoft because it is too old. The problem is, companies cannot upgrade immediately their Windows OS because the price is too high.

Last March, Tech giant Microsoft releases a patch that will protect their users from this kind of ransomware attacks. The user will just download the latest patches and the computer will be safe. In addition, Microsoft released more patches because of older Windows operating systems. That time, WannaCry rolls out more than 70 countries including Russia.

If the user enables the function in Microsoft where they will install updates automatically, the consumer must not worry probably because the patch is already installed.

For those users who did not enable this function or do have a support like the new OS, they can still protect the computers by means of a manual patch. First, go to the Microsoft. The user will find the patches that are needed to protect the operating system based on what version the consumer has.

Install protection programs

The user must download programs who offered protection service, not because the user prevents to have attacks on the computer. These download programs will update the user if there is an upcoming threat that is dangerous. This kind of special programs including security features that the user can see in other devices. This program consists of protective software that is free, firewalls and an updated anti-virus programs.

Don’t click on anything that is suspicious
Some users make their computer vulnerable because of phishing emails. This type of emails is almost legitimate when you see it in the first place. These emails are so powerful that it can automatically install a malware in the user’s computer with noticing it.

The user can detect if this is a malware if there is a mistake in an email. Even it has a single mistake.

Secure yourself when connecting public Wi-Fi by VPN

When the user is using a public internet connection or Wi-Fi, you are tracked. It means that all people that connected in the network are viewed. That’s is why there is a prompt in the computer if the network is Home or Public. If the user chose public, the computer automatically hides the information needed by using VPN. This feature is already set in the user’s settings.

If the user does not have VPN in a computer, there are many free applications out there. The user’s usage of VPN can protect you to be tracked by someone else. Although it cannot help the user to have fight malware, this feature can help you to be not the target of hackers.


WhatsApp For Android Platform Gets Emoji Search

Android users will be the first one to experience the emoji search in WhatsApp. Source: Tim Schofield / Youtube
Android users will be the first one to experience the emoji search in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform application designed to communicate with other users online. This application requires an internet connection to make phone or video calls and send messages. The user can receive any form of documents and vice versa. The application has a special feature similar to popular applications like Messenger and Snapchat. This feature allows the users to upload any form of photos or videos that can only be seen in the user’s profile in 24 hours. When the timer runs out, the image will disappear in the profile.

WhatsApp added a special option when the user is searching for emojis in the latest application. This emoji will continue the good conversations with friends without delay because the user can find it faster and less hassle. Instead of an old way even in the other applications that the user must scroll down the emojis in order to find necessary stickers, WhatsApp offers some emojis that is relevant to the search bar.

In addition, this application began to introduce to some iPhone users for video streaming software, a special feature that is already out in the market.

WhatsApp emoji search special feature

This kind of application is already been tested and users had already used it. One example of a same emoji search feature is the Google Gboard, which is a third party software app. WhatsApp released a beta version 2.17.246 with a feature of a emoji search.

WhatsApp released a beta version 2.17.246 with a feature of a emoji search. When the users tap the emoji icon, it will open the lists of available emojis which the consumer can see a search icon at the bottom. If the user will click the search icon at

If the user will click the search icon at the lower part of the keyboard, Whatsapp will give a list of suggestions based on what the user is typing.

WhatsApp video streaming on iPhone

In early years, this special feature was first discussed and introduced in Android beta. WhatsApp settled the feature to try it first to the iPhone users. Even though the feature is not that smooth, it appears that the video streaming is functioning.

Video streaming allows it’s smartphone users to share their stories, videos to other people or friends. This feature involves multitasking because it appears that the video streaming works even the user is downloading in the background.

Like what mentioned before, WhatsApp users must have a wifi connection or a cellular data 3G or LTE so that the shared video will play.  WhatsApp reminded the users to play a complete downloaded video after a minute or seconds. This feature can be adjusted and modified by clicking on the application’s download setting.

If the user device is an iOS, the consumer will notice the play icon instead of Android’s normal download button. The download size and all the details needed can be seen at the bottom of the video.

When a user presses the play button, the video will automatically stream. But the speed of it depends upon the speed of the user’s Internet connection.

While the user is watching the video, it plays inside of WhatsApp application. Again, the video downloads can be located at the device’s background. WhatsApp special feature for this one arrived last week with a version number 2.17.31. The developers of this app stated that the functionality of this special feature is very slow. WhatsApp advises people to spare a little amount of time so that the users can notice it.


iPhone Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary: A Look Back

Steve Jobs at iPhone unveiling. Source: EverythingApplePro/Youtube
Steve Jobs at iPhone unveiling

Today marks the Apple’s iPhone 10th year anniversary since its launch on June 29, 2007. Let us look back at what the original smartphone has achieved since its launch. It was the year when Steve Jobs unveiled the device that set the trail to what smartphones of today have become.

What if iPhone did not happen ten years ago?

Do you think that touchscreen devices would still dominate our daily life today? Do you think that all these breakthroughs and yearly mobile innovations would have happened?

Perhaps the answer is yes. Perhaps it is no. No one can really say for sure but what is certain is the fact that things would have been different if Steve Jobs did not make the leap of mobile innovations back then.

From the rise of touchscreens to putting the world inside our pocket through the internet, iPhone has been a trailblazer and that is a fact. The first iPhone was unveiled on January 9, 2007, and was launched June 29th later that year. And since then, mobile technology has never been the same.

“A revolutionary product” as Steve Jobs would call it when he announced iPhone. A device that has the three features that everybody wants in their mobile device. It was a widescreen iPod, a revolutionary phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device.

It was like the event of the first man on the man. Like waking up to a similar morning but knowing that things are not going to be the same. That was what Steve Jobs did on that day. He initiated the change that made the world follow.

Although it was the era when Nokia and other Symbian devices were the leaders of the mobile market, iPhone still managed to get the spotlight. And sure enough, the whole world listened and tuned in. And then the revolution happened.

iPhone Celebrates 10th Year
Moto Q, Blackberry, Palm, Nokia

Every other smartphone manufacturing companies have started making their own versions of their revolutionary smartphone devices. Each one of them trying to replicate what iPhone could do. They tried to replicate iPhone from the touchscreen aspect, putting GPU inside a mobile device, internet utilization, media and file management, and even the camera capabilities.

Yes, Palm Pilots were already smartphones earlier of iPhone’s introduction. Blackberry had been into smartphone manufacturing as well. Even Microsoft has had an early version of Windows Phone as well. But none of them had made the same impact as that of iPhone.

It was nothing short of magic and almost everyone wants one—if they could afford it. Fast forward to ten years, iPhone is the top best-selling smartphones of 2017—the No.1. It is then followed by Samsung, Huawei, and Vivo.

That is where the mobile definition of today has started. Steve Jobs did it for the world through iPhone. So the question remains: What if iPhone did not happen ten years ago?

Please leave your thoughts in the comment section and let’s discuss what might have been if there was no Steve Jobs or iPhone back in 2007.

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LightX Photo Editor To Launch In Google Play

LightX Photo Editor. Source: Andor Apps/Youtube
LightX Photo Editor Logo

The popular LightX Photo Editor in iTunes is now porting in Android platform and available in Early Access tab. What is even greater about this news is that the photo editing app is available for download for free.

As of today, there have been thousands of photo editing app available in Android’s Google Play Store. And it gets even harder to choose which one is better than the other or which will provide the features that will meet everybody’s photo editing needs.

Recently, LightX, a photo editor that has been featured in one of Apple apps’ fan page and from the looks of it, the app is promising enough. Last June 23, LightX Photo Editor was launched in Early Access for free. Here is why the photo editing app has been so popular on iTunes.

It’s All-In-One

LightX Photo Editor offers a complete set of features that claim to remove the need for other photo editing apps.  It has an advanced algorithm to provide the best and most comprehensive tools for easy use. It has a clean user interface so familiarizing through the app will not be difficult.

The features include adding photo frames, photo background changer, adding stickers, and cartoons. You can also do color mixing, shape manipulation, and everything else that an Android user could need for their photo editing app.

LightX Photo Editor
LightX Photo Editor collage

The Features

Standard Photo Editing

If you prefer the traditional photo editing features, this app has all the ingredients you need. From contrast control, brightness, saturation, hue, exposure, shadow, intensity, temperature, highlights, tone, and colors.

LightX Photo Editor
LightX Photo Editor color handling
LightX Photo Editor
LightX Photo Editor change to color red

Imagine the possibilities this app can do even in the beginner’s hand. And for the advanced users, there are even more features that one can do and utilize.

Merge Photos

For extraordinary photo effects, one can merge your photos with ease. There is the blending of colors like darkening or lightening the image. It can be done with the background as well. This will make a double exposure for the image when done properly.

If the user gets it wrong for the first time, he can always undo and redo his works when needed.

Enhance Selfie and Portrait Photos

In order to create a fair complexion and smooth looking skin in selfie mode, this app will do a great job for any photo enthusiast. Unlike most photo editing apps, LightX Photo Editor can make the picture look more natural rather than make a person look like a model of oil pastel canvas.

For people that are filter-addicts, this app does not fall short on those too. It has a wide range of filtering tools to keep a mobile photographer busy and wanting more. It can whiten teeth for added model-like facial feature.

Blemishes and spots can also be removed with ease and just a tap of a button. There is even the manual effect if desired.

Other tools and utilities

As mentioned earlier, LightX Photo Editor is an all-in-one photo editing app. So it is safe to say that the app also has the crop, rotate, blur photo and any part of the photo, curve, levels, color balance, photo effects such retro, black and white, vintage, drama, and analog tools built inside.

LightX Photo Editor
LightX Photo Editor cropping tool
LightX Photo Editor
LightX Photo Editor cropping tool

There is so much this photo editor has to offer and this article will not do much of justice for LightX. To experience this app, download LightX Photo Editor over Google Play Store in their Early Access tab and be the first to enjoy this app.

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SNES Mouse Returns To Complete SNES Retro Experience

SNES Mouse Source: SilverMongooseVideos/Youtube
SNES Mouse is now available!

After the announcement of the re-release of the beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES gaming console last week, the retro gaming vibe is back. This time it is bringing a new kind of hype to make the whole retro theme comes in full swing as Hyperkin decided to recreate the SNES mouse once again.

A Brief History

In 1992, the SNES mouse was introduced in Japan. Later that year, it made its way through the other regions. The peripheral device was first known as Super Famicom Mouse. It was sold as part of a bundled accessory with Mario Paint game.

SNES Mouse
SNES Mario Paint

Where To Buy?

For old-school lovers who want to get their hands with the classic SNES mouse, you can start pre-ordering them now on Amazon for $19.99. The SNES mouse will be available on July 6. Afterward, some other online stores will have stocks later that date.

From the look of the SNES mouse at Amazon website, it is made in line with a retro look. An iconic retro style color scheme makes it more appealing for people who knew that era. And for those who are still holding on to their prized dusted SNES mouse, you can start celebrating now. In any case, this is a treasure for old memories.

The upcoming SNES mouse will come in optical hardware. It also has 6ft. cable for a better distance and length, unlike the original version. So you will not have to sit near your monitor or connected display, especially if you have a 40inch one. That would easily tire your eyes with gameplay.

Hopefully, they will include the loud clicking noise that makes the mouse distinctly retro and old-school. Also, they better not forget that the look is not the only thing that makes this SNES mouse a retro gem.

Compatible Games

The SNES mouse is not compatible with all of SNES games. Some of the games that this mouse is compatible with are:

  • Mario Paint
  • Mario’s Super Picross
  • Farland Story 2
  • Arkanoid: Doh It Again
  • Brandish 2: The Planet Buster
  • Super Noah’s Ark 3D
  • Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shounen Pino
  • Koutetsu no Kishi 3: Gekitotsu Europe Sensen
  • Mario’s Early Years: Preschool Fun
  • Pieces
  • Revolution X
  • Koutetsu no Kishi 2: Sabaku no Rommel Shougun
  • Yadamon: Wonderland Dream
  • Mario & Wario
  • Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Taisen
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes
  • King Arthur’s World
  • Might and Magic III: Isles of Terra
  • Utopia: The Creation of a Nation
  • On the Ball
  • Wolfenstein 3D
  • Shien’s Revenge
  • Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (PAL only)
  • Super Caesars Palace
  • Wonder Project J: Kikai no Shounen Pino (Japan Only)

Those are only the top 25 SNES games compatible with the mouse. For a list of complete games, visit Giant Bomb and see if your SNES game is included.

In the meantime, stop waiting around and head straight to Amazon now to get yours while it is still available. This classic thing is not going to be available forever.

So what do you think about the SNES console coming back to mainstream? Leave your comments below and tell us about your experiences in the early days of electronic gaming.

Latest Version Of Google Play Music Crashing Over Bluetooth

Google Play Music crashes occurs when opening the app. Source: Android Authority / Youtube
Google Play Music crashes occurs when opening the app.

There are reports that some users have experience application crashes in Google Play Music version 7.9.4920. Some user who suffers these crashes are the people who recently updated the application’s version in Google Play.

In addition to that, some users reported that the crash occurs upon opening the Google Play Music app. These give users a bad experience upon updating Google’s apps.

According to Android Headlines, the application problem is not from the operating system’s outdated software version. The problem is not also for the particular device type because all operating system is suffering the same issue.

These include Google Pixel device and Galaxy Series devices. There are people also suffering the same problem with Nexus 5X devices, even the famous and latest Android Nougat and specific versions of Android O.

There are some rumors that maybe the bug occurs in the application that causing the crash and close prompt is the Bluetooth Audio. Although it is not yet confirmed, some tech users recommend disabling the Bluetooth feature in the Settings menu. After disabling, open the Google Play music application.

Some users suggest trying the option while the bug is not yet fixed. Although many people are getting pissed with these disturbing bug, Google hears problems. The company for sure is working to fix the bugs as soon as possible. Because if the company didn’t make it work in a matter of time, their stocks would go low.

Play Music is one of the prominent and popular applications as it categorized as the most downloaded music player. It is a podcast streaming application where the users can listen up to 100,000 kinds of songs. Play Music is the first application that the users can stream offline. Because of its capabilities and high-quality type of program, the application has already more than 5 billion downloads and still counting.

Many users suggest to those who are still experiencing the same issue is to try to downgrade or outdate the previous version of Play Music. Although it is nearly impossible to do it, there are many streaming music applications you can use while the bug is still not fixed.

Google’s Solution to the Play Music Crash

To settle the controversy. Google began launching the new version 7.9.4921 for Play Store. Luckily, the company has a quick response to the problems of its users. Instead of bashing them, Google earns some respect after a fixed bug in just a day. The main issue in the crash when the smartphone device begins to connect to a Bluetooth device after the app runs.

When the user updates the Google Play Music, there is a text stated “bug fixes,” which means the problem is now solved.

Some users commented that Google responds very quickly in the bug because millions of users with different smartphones affect the issue. Critics stated that Google is not quick at fixing bugs in Android Wear 2.0.

At the end of the day, despite all of the user’s comment reactions. The company proves it again that they excel in technology.

iPhone 8 Expected Features, Specs, And Release Date!

According to the leaks, iPhone 8 has a better durability with a virtual home button. Source: ConceptsiPhone / Youtube
According to the leaks, iPhone 8 has a better durability with a virtual home button.

iPhone will celebrate their 10th anniversary this week, and before Apple reveals the new models that will release in September. Many analysts predict a stable iPhone sales every year as consumers wait for the revamped phones.

The senior analyst, Angelo Zino, expects to record 241.5 million iPhone’s in the past 12 months succeeding the iPhone 8 launch — beating the previous iPhone 6 sale.

Many Apple user waits to unveil the new iPhone that will vault Apple again to the spot as the top smartphone seller company of the year. But to reach it again, Apple must improve these three important parts – AI voice assistant Siri, advanced AR technology, and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) features.

AI voice assistant Siri must have special features that only an Apple user can have.

This is a big question to think. What can users expect from Siri? Many Android and Apple users are having discussions about the comparison of AIs. Following the release of monstrous Galaxy S8, many users are not convinced with S8’s AI voice assistant Bixby.

Samsung tells the users that they need more time to make Bixby fully functional. As for the record, Bixby can only find the picture from your gallery and sometimes, it is not matched with the image.

Siri is still the most famous and advanced voice AI assistant. They blow their early lead to rival Assistant, google’s voice AI. Regarding hardware capabilities, Samsung proves again that they have a feature that is unique to other competitors. Samsung has a wireless charging feature and resistance of cell phones to water.

Apple holds the No.1 spot last 2016; these keep Samsung sits at top 2 spot. Even the controversies of Samsung’s Note 7 battery defects and global recall. The South Korean tech giant bounce back with the release of Galaxy S8. With that release, Samsung grabs the throne for the number 1 spot.

What features should the user expect to iPhone 8

According to Bloomberg’s report last April, iPhone 8 will have a newly designed glass back. This is the first change of Apple’s iPhone design since iPhone 6 that topped the charts.

The front device will have a new OLED screen glass that will cover almost the entire front of the iPhone with a physical circle home button that will transform to a virtual one. That is why Apple and Samsung are always on the hot seat, because of the new features that will also appear on the other.

Samsung has already implemented this kind of design with the newly released Galaxy S8 and S8+. There are some reports that Apple is currently working on a virtual TouchID fingerprint sensor.

These features distinguish Samsung and Apple to each other. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is embedded in the back side of the phone. So that the user can protect his finger for the thieves to see it.

As technology continues to flourish, there is no doubt that indeed Apple and Samsung exceeds their limits according to their models. Eventually, users will benefit with this features.


AMD’s latest Radeon Vega Frontier Edition Graphics Card

This new generation AMD can easily overpower NVIDIA products. Source: NCIX Tech Tips/ Youtube
This new generation AMD can easily overpower NVIDIA products.

Gamers cannot wait to examine the new AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition. AMD has been popular with the release of the Ryzen CPU series. With this newly released high-performance Vega, it will complete the AMD’s monstrous video card series.

The new Vega Frontier Edition has an extreme performance of 25 teraflops of half-precision along with a floating point 16 performance. A 12.5 teraflops of single-precision along with a floating point 32 performance makes the Radeon Vega the best-created video card in this year. These astonishing numbers exceed the long-term rivals Nvidia’s Titan XP that consist only of 12 teraflops of floating point 32 performance.

AMD gave PCWorld magazine with two almost identical system. The core specs were; a Ryzen 7 1800X CPU, 32GB of DDR4/2400, SSD storage, a 4K display, Windows 10 Enterprise, as well as same mouse and keyboard. One machine loaded with AMD’s Radeon Vega, while Nvidia provides a set of graphics acceleration via Titan XP. After the results of OpenGL tests via the SPECViewPerf 12.1. Therefore it concludes that AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition easily beat the Nvidia’s challenger.

AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition vs. Nvidia’s GeForce Titan XP

Also, the machine runs an 8K Dell panel. While Frontier Edition’s second panel runs at 1080p with an HTC Vive.

AMD opens the prototype car design in the Solidworks engineering application. As expected in the results, the scanning, rotation and the movements of the cart is incredibly fast. The Radeon Vega will be exported using AMD’s ProRender to plug it in Unreal Engine 4 when it’s ready to examine. Furthermore, AMD’s Radion Vega can be viewed using the HTC.

There are many design firm runs up to this day. Unlike the recovery gadgets that once being bashed on the internet. Likewise, Unreal Engine is probably the best application because it has the overall tools needed.

PCWorld’s review on AMD’s Radeon Vega

AMD gives PCWorld premium access to the newly released Vega. Since the Frontier Edition was made for creative pros, meanwhile they have to play games to test them too.
For game testing, they connected an Acer 34-inch wide aspect 3440×1440 panels on the test systems. Some games that were loaded are Doom thru Vulkan, Prey thru DirectX 11, and Sniper Elite 4 thru DirectX 12. All games settings were set at high, max resolution without enabling FreeSync.

According to PCWorld, the gaming performance specs were not shared, but it switched back and forth between systems. The results show that the AMD’s Radeon Vega is faster than the monster contender Nvidia’s GTX 1080.

The AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition cards will start to release nationwide on Monday. The RX Vega gaming card expects to roll out by the end of July. These give AMD few more days to optimize gaming drivers and to conduct more tests.

Radeon air cooled model starts at $999. However, the liquid cooled version is $1499, which costs 2 iPhone 7’s for this one. Since AMD made it especially for high-performance gaming, the customers might find it difficult to decide which one to buy.

Is it GTX or Radeon? Make sure to leave your comments below!

Evernote Will Stop Supporting Windows Phone And Blackberry 10 Today

Evernote will withdraw their apps from Windows and Blackberry 10. Source: Evernote / Youtube
Evernote will withdraw their apps from Windows and Blackberry 10.

Famous note-taking application Evernote declared that they would not support Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone app stores today. Evernote will stop supporting existing applications on mentioned devices.

What Is Evernote?

Evernote is a cross-platform application that has the arrangement to organize the user’s notes. The application places the notes flawlessly so that the user can easily see. The app has a feature that allows users to launch a “note” that serves a lot of functionalities.

The note can be a little piece of formatted text. It can be a fully working webpage or website. It can be a gallery of photographed pictures. Because of the Evernote’s high capabilities, many users are continually using the app.

Evernote, which is available for many platforms like Android and Apple iOS, surprised a lot of people for this decision. The association stated that they need to focus on the other platforms that will make their sales go up. Also, Evernote doesn’t want to invest to slow paced platforms like Windows and Blackberry.

Evernote users will decide if they will change their devices to use the app. The user must buy another phone if they want to continue to use the app. Furthermore, the files will not disappear when the users had a phone that Evernote’s supported. The user’s files are stored automatically when saved in the cloud.

Why Evernote Was Developed

Last year, popular messenger application Whatsapp left Blackberry because of the resource issues. Similarly, Facebook messenger does not work properly in any Windows Phones released. Probably the main reason is the small amount of Windows and Blackberry users.

The company focuses on making Blackberry 10 OS compatible with Android. Blackberry will follow these platform to attract popular apps including Evernote.

Windows Phone is on a different side of a story. Microsoft wants to launch Continuum in it’s Windows 10. Furthermore, the company concludes they will continue to be on Windows platform.

What will happen to users who have an unsupported version of Evernote?

For the users that make Evernote part of their daily routine, they can still use the application, but the version will be incompatible. There is no guarantee that the app will still work smooth because Evernote will not release future updates. Also, the company has no intentions to support the die-hard users of the application.

Evernote released an email a few days ago to inform the users that the company will not support their platforms. The email also contains the reason why they will end the support.

The most annoying part of the decision made by Evernote is the small amount of time to inform its users. In the past years, many applications do not want to enter Windows and Blackberry phone platforms.

Because of a few people buying this kind of phones. The OS is not popular also, unlike iOS and Android.  The less amount of features you can use, unlike Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry are being discriminated in the market right now.





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