One of the most requested features in Xbox One Store by thousands is the ability for gamers to purchase a game and send it as a gift to other users or individuals within the digital store. It seems Microsoft finally has heard the outcry and will make it happen soon.

Microsoft Xbox One Answers

Yesterday, a user asked on Twitter about the possibility of game gifting in Xbox One. Hours after that, Mike Ybarra, the Corporate Vice President of Xbox One and Windows Gaming Platform answered, “Not far.”

Although Ybarra did not directly say any further details about his response, his words said a lot already. And the point is they have considered it. Perhaps they are already taking steps to make this happen shortly.

For a long time, this feature has been a request from a lot of Xbox One users. And when Steam made this feature available in their platform, the number of people who wanted this in Xbox One doubled.

The Long Wait Could Be Over

In the Xbox One forum, this topic about “game gifting” has already made an extensive list of reactions. Some of them have been wondering why this thing is not available yet. A lot of platforms have had this feature for quite some time already. And finding out that Microsoft has not made this stuff available yet is puzzling.

This feature is technically going to boost their game sales rocket high. This can be a chance for those people who want an individual game but do not have a credit to make the purchase. They could have their friend or other family members to give it to them as a gift.

Xbox One
Xbox One game console

In other cases, this feature can be used by other groups to use Xbox One’s list of games as a prize for their events and occasions. Game gifting has been around for quite some time. So it is high time that Microsoft does the same thing for their digital game store.

The Timing Should Be Perfect

Speaking of occasions, let’s all hope that this feature will be up and running on Xbox One right before the Christmas month. It would make much sense to use game gifting to practice generosity at this time of the year.

Xbox One
Xbox One logo

Besides, if the season is the same as the past years, this is the time when an extensive list of new releases will be available for purchase. A lot of games are expected to be launched during this period, so the timing is perfect for it.

If this great news pans out, a lot of gamers should be hyped by now. Except for the upcoming new releases, they should start listing their game options. It is because the best way to enjoy a single game title is to have someone play it with you. And that in itself is a great reason to do digital gifting as Steam has done with its store.

What do you think about this news? Do you already have a game in mind to give to a particular person? Please do share it in the comment section below to tell Microsoft that we all want it to happen soon.