LineageOS has expanded its support even more with other handset phone models that are currently unsupported by their brands. Nexus 9, some earlier Motorola models, and NVIDIA Shields are now part of LineageOS roster of mobile phones that can utilize its full power.

What is LineageOS?

LineageOS is the successor to the highly popular CyanogenMod that was a custom stock version of Android. CyanogenMod made its debut back in 2009 and offered a lighter environment and much smoother Android performance.

Like the CyanogenMod, Lineage OS also promises to deliver a pure Android experience without the bloat and other unnecessary features. Android users know how much bloatware a company puts inside their Android phones. Only to promote their apps and other services.

Since its official release in December 2016, it took a very quick ascension with regards to its popularity. This proves that millions of Android users prefer a much lighter version. They want an operating system that can use the maximum potential of their Android devices.

LineageOS optimizes everything from processor activities down to the battery usage to deliver a better experience within the Android operating system. Its last major release was version 14.1 although it is constantly being updated according to their official site.

LineageOS Updates And Changes

Regarding with the LineageOS’ last update, it added more support to other not so old models. The popular NVIDIA Shield Tablet and Shield TV 2015 users can now enjoy this custom modified Android OS. Motorola Droid 4, Motorola Droid Bionic, Motorola RAZR/RAZR MAXX also have added support for their site. In fact, the updated custom ROM is now available for downloads.

Some updates are with regards to its resident internet browser, the Jelly. Some issues with the browser received improvements like links from Incognito opens in the same incognito tab now. Support for saving data such as passwords and usernames is also now available within the browser activities.

You can also change search engine choices if you want. Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and the default DuckDuckGo are now accessible anytime in the browser. Links for external apps can now open through that app. For example, YouTube links that show in Jelly when clicked will open in the YouTube app itself.

Improvement in the Battery QS feature has also received a fix. The tiles are now more customizable, especially with the custom tiles. Developers of have integrated these changes within the OS framework.

Another important feature that received some changes was the Updater App. It now does not automatically install major version upgrades that lead many users to not notice the changes and end up with incompatible add-ons.

LineageOS handset

Bring Your Old Android Phone Back To Life

For people interested in giving life to some of their old phone models, you can give LineageOS a try. To know if your Android handset is supported, you may visit their site now.

They posted every supported device on their website. They also have a great community which helps other users do the custom mod and even offers a step-by-step tutorial on how to install LineageOS into their phone.