Apple is a well-renowned company today because of its newest, advanced smartphones that they can only offer. The company started rolling iPhone series by Steve Jobs, which is a good success. After the victory of iPhone in the market, Apple started to produce iPod, iWatch, and Macbook. Today, the company has sold more than 78 million copies of smartphones all around the world. That makes the Apple number 2 in terms of sales behind Samsung.

Apple stated earlier that they are working on a special feature that will unlock the user’s iPhone using face recognization. Because of this transition, the company will not use fingerprint scanner anymore.

Apple received a lot of criticism after the company removes the headphone jack in iPhone 7. With these changes, Apple iPhone 7 sales go down. According to the users, the re-adjustment of headphone jack gives them hassle to listen to music. In addition to that, there is no major changes happen in the iPhone 7. Many users stated that it is a “waste of money” to buy iPhone 7 and they insist on buying iPhone 6s than the company newest smartphone.

iPhone 8’s newest feature

According to Bloomberg, Apple begins to test the improved version of its security system. This version allows the users to do many things using their face such as logging in, authorize the payments, and protecting the apps. In addition, the iPhone 8 is back with the improved 3-D sensor.

The user must not worry about the accuracy and its speed because Apple assures everybody that it will not be a problem. According to Bloomberg, even the user’s device is laying flat, it will be efficient and dependent.

In previous tests, the face scanning technology feature unlocks the iPhone faster than the fingerprint scanner. Which stated that is much more secure than the old Touch ID feature.

iPhone 8 face scanning technology vs Galaxy S8 iris scanner

All users know that this feature is not latest because of their ultimate rival Samsung, already included many features like the fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and face recognition. That makes Galaxy S8 the most advanced smartphone in the whole world.

Even though they suffer a lot because of the company issues in Note 7’s exploding battery and global recall, they bounced back stronger. But even with these features, some reports stated that the users were able to bypass and trick its iris feature with printed

But even with these features, some reports stated that the users were able to bypass and trick its iris feature with printed photocopies of the user’s eyes. According to Apple, their latest feature includes 3-D depth perception. It concludes that this feature cannot be tricked with a person’s printed photocopies.

As Apple celebrates its tenth anniversary, the company is also pursuing to embed new steel edges, glass case, and bigger display in their new iPhone.

As reported in previous articles, the new iPhone will have an OLED screen that reproduces the colors more fiercely. Although it is not the first because of Samsung’s Galaxy S8, the company are looking forward to embedding this in the future.