Following the 10th iPhone’s anniversary, the company first launched it on June 29, 2007. When the ex-CEO Steve Jobs first introduced the Apple’s iPhone in the world, he stated three important products in the future. First is the mobile phones, iPod and iPhone, and ICD or internet communications device.

Steve Jobs eccentric definition of iPhone apprehended only if the smartphone users recall the time when Apple had never specified the coming of App Store. Jobs’ weird description of the iPhone is comprehensible only if you recall that at the time

In the world today, the definition of smartphones in the term “iPod” and ICD is simply an app. Because we reach advanced technology and most of the users have a smartphone, there is a wide range of apps that can do all sorts of things. The estimated applications in the App stores are 2.2 million.

According to Computer World, a smartphone is specified in two things: a computer while having a phone in the device. They also explained these two things. A phone is a functioning part of the smartphone that handles all current text messages and calls. A computer is a mobile operating system in the cellphone who handles the functionality to connect the device to the Internet by using Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Because the feature of “computer” in smartphones devoured all applications like camera, music player, FM radio, location, torch, alarm clock and a lot of things, still it consumes the feature of “phone” in the user’s smartphone.

Because of the domination of “computer” features in a smartphone, Google has a proposal that will make a smartphone a phone.

In addition to that, it will take a little amount of time before the Internet-based calls take over the voice calls like Viber and Facebook. The company is also looking forward to speeding up the prices.

Google’s Project Fi as the future gateway for the upcoming smartphones.

Google already announced this week that the G Suite can now be used with Project Fi. To enable the Project File, the user must sign up as a G Suite administrator.

Even the company already started to roll out this newest feature; they already know that Google cannot launch it for business and enterprises yet. The original plan in the Project is only up to six users. But in the actions of the company, they are likely to expand it to enterprises in the future.

Recalled earlier, Project Fi is the first MVNO of the company. It is partnered with US giant telecom companies like T-Mobile and Sprint. This gives the company a lot of resources and options to improve the project in all aspects.

Last January, some beta users noticed something. They stated that VoLTE handled the calls made on the phone.

Because VoLTE empowers LTE. The users stated that it gives the users high-performance while having a good approach rather than the regular VOiP’s. With this biggest upcoming feature by Google, the users expect a better technology in the future days to come.