The Delhi Police conducted a survey to learn what will they improve to make the application better. The police released a safety app for women called Himmat to assemble the helpline numbers in only one station. For the record, Himmat will launch in its third time after with its previous mistakes.

According to NDTV, the app started to launch in the year 2015 and eventually the project failed. They made their second try in April 2017 but still, lacking some functions and skills. Even with this back to back failures, Delhi Police believes that the application will work in the nearest possible time.

IIIT Students as the facilitator for the upcoming new release of Himmat

The Delhi Police invite the concerned students from IIIT (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology). The institute is known for having the genius, fast-learner students that’s why they are the focus of the police.

The students have a task to conduct the study in the campus to analyze and study the lackings and mal-functionalities of the app. Because IIIT students had a young age and known for having a lot of ideas in field of application

Because IIIT students had a young age and known for having a lot of ideas in the field of application, Amulya Patnaik said that the project would be a success.

Amulya has been appointed as the newest Delhi Police commissioner that will retire in the year 2020. Despite in his old age, he serves the as the top Delhi Police officer for almost three years. Also, Amulya stated that they would tally and settle these things by the end of July.

According to NDTV, IIIT students have already suggested many changes in design, features and other things that will make the app great. In addition to that, they will finalize the registration process as soon as the plan is already settled.

The app Himmat will also give the users more accessibility in a way that they can reach a wide of helping numbers quickly by combining them on only one platform.

Improved Version of Himmat expected features

In further studies, the students found out that the user must register on the app in the second time, which they figured out that this process is time consumable.

In addition to that, IIIT Students discovered that the application Himmat has no awareness at all. Many students suggest that the color background of the app should be relaxing and more appealing. Because the people lived in a world that does not want a harsh environment, they also insisted that the app notifications and messages should be odd, but not to the point that it will be boring.

The newest version will also administer the user to evaluate the app in the nearest possible time after it builds in the device. The user will also don’t have to remember the password again after login it the last time because the application will save the passwords in the app.

They are also looking forward to making the app more attractive in the next days to come. Delhi Police assures the users that they will have an improved version of the app.