Google unveiled three weeks ago that they will be pushing a new and much better experience with their beloved Google Drive client. They stated that the new update will roll out across their platform by June 28. It is now July 2nd and the update is still not happening.

The Problem

Users of Google Drive were on uproar these past few days. Because the backup and sync feature of the cloud-based drive is not functioning the way it supposed to. And with the reports about how their customer service dept responded, they seem to not have a way of fixing it yet.

In Google Product Forums, you will find that hundreds of users from both Mac and Windows are reporting that the Backup and Drive are currently available but it just does not work. It does not do anything even a simple and minor data syncing.

A reply for one of their users reporting the issue only said that they are currently aware of the bug. What is happening with Google now?

The Google Drive Alternative

For users familiar with various cloud-based drive, there is one that exists quite similar with Google’s—Microsoft’s OneDrive. It does not get much favorable attention due to a buggier experience. But with recent Google Drive’s behavior, OneDrive seems to be a better option at the moment.

Forcing to open the feature just shows up an error message or that the application will quit. For those who currently do not have space storage for local backups will find this issue a lot frustrating. And since the local backup is the only option at the moment, it is advised that the user should get an extra memory card or find another way to store the files you need backing up presently.

Google’s Answer

Since fix and updates are still unavailable, Google posted an announcement prior to their promised release date. They stated that due to a lot of feedbacks that they have received, they have decided to postpone the launching of the new version of Backup and Sync. The plan will still happen. Only that it will be in the next few weeks.

Google also added that users can monitor the updates through their G Suite updates calendar. They will leave an announcement for any development for the product.

Google Drive
Google Suite calendar

But the next couple of weeks is technically too long for users who rely so much on their cloud-based drive. Businessmen, companies and even private users depend on Google Drive to be accessible. In both backing up their files and syncing for any present changes done using the Google service.

The issue seems fixed on other users by simply reinstalling the Google Drive but not for everyone. Hopefully, Google will find a usable remedy at the moment while their updated version of Google Drive and Backup and Sync are still unstable.

In Google’s G Suite status, they updated their users that the dashboard was reverted to the old version as the latest version is not supposed to be released at this time. A 12-hour notice was also released stating that they will fix the problem soon.

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