China’s popular Internet search engine company, Baidu, will release the manufacturing partners for its first vehicle. It is a self-driving program that is set to launch next week.

The other sponsors for this vehicle might be announced in Beijing. In addition, the outcome of the project is happening at Silicon Valley. The place is 6,000 miles far from China, which seems awkward. The project is consist of more than 30 Chinese companies including Baidu. Reports stated that they are working to establish and to supply both hardware and software to make functional autonomous vehicles.

Their mission is to make these vehicles go around on the roads of China. As the country is the biggest auto market in the world, Chinese companies expect great income in the future. If the project is accomplished, Baidu will try to export it to the United States.

If Korea has Naver as the search engine, China has also Baidu as the country’s Google. Last April, the project is labeled Apollo because of dupe landing program in the moon by NASA. The name expresses the big dreams and project’s difficulty of the company.

Chinese Companies Entering Silicon Valley

Back in the year 2011, Baidu was one of the toughest, fast-growing Chinese companies to start up a base in Silicon Valley. The company is known for the deepest technologies contained in the whole world. Because of the reputation, other Chinese companies also tried to follow Baidu’s steps.

In the span of six years, Baidu already made a strong 200 tech team members. The member was recruited from the best, reputable universities like Harvard and other Ivy League Schools. The company also tried to get persons who have an established skill regarding technology and automotive industry. These include giant companies from Google, YouTube, Microsoft, and Facebook.

After the partnership with Tencent and Chery Automobile, Nio joins the gang. It’s a company who has a goal to place their electric car on the roads of China and America by 2020.

Different Chinese companies partnership in Silicon Valley

Chinese companies are already seen access the borders of San Francisco Bay Area. The birthplace of the deepest tech company Pato Alto. The fast growing financial hub for some reputable Chinese countries like ZhenFund and the popular GSR Ventures.

Amy Gu stated that in order to manufacture more realistic self-driving, the whole industry must help them. As the Heni Ventures partner in management, it will be hard for one company to conduct all test. Which means, they need more companies who will take care some parts of the project. Amy stated that they want to provide the user a real product that is worth to sell.

Baidu is already threatened with back to back disapprovals in its advertising business. The medical advertising companies in China has the biggest impact on this issue. In addition to that, the company does not know how to make money from the new Apollo wide-source program. Likewise, even Baidu is still struggling in Apollo’s project; it will bring success in the future.