Ransomware is the worst thing that can breach security in today’s connected world. Because of the leak, hackers take the opportunity to penetrate computer that is not supported by Microsoft.

Wannacry is a malware developed in this year who steals money from the users. All files are encrypted and not accessible until the user pays the necessary money. If the user did not pay the sufficient amount of money required, the files would be gone forever.

Several attacks affect many old computers. According to reports, it cost more than 50 million dollar damage in this past couple of weeks. When Microsoft finally have a way to solve Wannacry malware, the hacker released another version of Wannacry, with scarier features.

WannaCry 2.0 includes kill – switch feature, means that even the user disable the SMB function, it can still penetrate the older versions.

According to reports, NotPetya and WannaCry attack deeply penetrated outdated Window’s PCs. In addition to that, this malware caused massive disruptions to clients and users throughout the world.

Even though the user experiences a lot of difficulties, experts can say that Windows still the most operating system used by millions. Started from the bottom, until the tech giant produced Windows 10.

Microsoft’s new feature to prevent ransomware threats

To ensure the users’ computer is protected from future dangerous ransomware threats, tech giant created a new feature. Microsoft introduced another security protocol called “controlled folder access.”

This protocol is launched into the Microsoft’s latest anti-virus software, Windows Defender. Controlled folder access is formed to track down every change that the application makes in files to a particular secured folders.

If an application tries to make an adjustment to a file, the app will be automatically blacklisted. CFA had this security ingredient. After the incident, the user will be notified by CFA about the attempt of an app makes.

In other words, Controlled folder access will prevent malicious programs from making changes to the computer without the permission from the user.

Window’s folders like Document and Desktop are included in the list of protected folders.This list of protected folders cannot be removed because it is already a default.

According to Microsoft, all default list cannot be adjusted nor removed. Likewise, users can still add additional relevant folders so that all files will be safe. This will be a huge advantage to the users who do not stock their data folders in the default Windows folders.

Microsoft’s updates in the future

These advanced features are expected to be released in September. According to reports, Windows 10 Fall Creators and Controlled Folder Access will be both released at the same date

According to the latest statement of Microsoft, the users who are the member of Windows Insider beta program is now able to access the feature via the fast ring Build 16232 update starting from today.

The feature is directed via the update of fast ring Build 16232. Microsoft stated that thing from today.

Even with this advanced security features of Microsoft, users must be aware even the OS is already safe. Likewise, there is no safe place on Earth.