Facebook is one of the biggest applications in the world right now. The application has over 66 million weekly users, which compared to YouTube’s 50 million weekly users, 40 million Whatsapp users, 23.3 million Instagram users and around 8.5 million Snapchat weekly users.

Mark Zuckerberg is a Harvard graduate who finally received his diploma after 12 years. Mark and his co-classmate Eduardo Saverin built a social empire that costs more than $56 billion dollars. Today, Facebook is the most used applications in the world. As stated above, there is no doubt that users want to experience special features over the past ten years.

Some of Facebook’s previous features

First is the Personalized Cards in Facebook, it appears at the top of the user’s Facebook timeline. The application rarely appears if there is a life event. It gives the user some reminders of what happens since the time the user joined Facebook.

Second is the My Day in Facebook and Messenger. This feature looks the same with Snapchat. This consists of a picture that the user can edit with a caption. Some users prefer to see first the “My Day” instead of the Facebook posts. Even though it looks like a clone, this feature attracts more people to use Facebook.

The third is the customer support. The user can report if someone pretends like the user. Although not all these reports are accurate, Facebook assures the users to protect their privacy. The user can report the other Facebook user by clicking the options beside the message. There will be a list of commands when clicked; then the user will have to touch the Report option.

The application will ask the user what is happening. If the user reports something posted by the another user, the application will have three options: Unfriend, block or submit a report for review.

Facebook’s newest feature: “Find Wi-Fi”

The social media giant added one of its special features created to aid mobile users in locating the nearest Wi-Fi connection available. Earlier, Facebook already began to test to find Wi-Fi option on the device. Today, the application discloses Android and Apple users will enjoy this feature soon.

The app’s main target is the users who use cellular data so that they can find a fast and reliable internet connection.

Many users are still suffering big data charges from their respective telco companies. That’s why the social giant gives the user accessibility to find the nearest free internet connection in public places.

According to Tech Crunch, the new feature will be found in the “More” tab. When the user finds the “Find Wi-Fi” tab, the application will notify the user to turn the option on. In addition to that, the app will present a wide range of the map showing the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots.

With the app’s new technology, this feature is still unreliable. According to Tech Crunch, even the feature covers Wi-Fi connections in the nearest stores and restaurants, the displayed number of stores which is more nearer are limited.

Even with some malfunctions, Mark Zuckerberg will make sure to handle all these problems.