In the wake of subsequent attacks of WannaCry and NotPeya, a lot of users who use older versions of Windows are now seriously considering a Windows 10 upgrade. India was among those 150 countries that were affected. And now, they are requesting Microsoft to give them a big discount.

The WannaCry Incident

Last month, WannaCry ransomware made an introduction on a global scale. It targeted government, businesses, and private used computers. Its purpose: to block access to the files and data saved on the Windows computer.

Windows 10 infected by WannaCry

In order to take back admin rights to a certain personal and important data, one must pay the ransom asked by the virus (ransomware cryptoworm). Pay in a form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In one single day, the virus managed to infect more than 200, 000 computers in 150 countries.

Microsoft then responded to the rescue. It released security patches for all its Windows versions including the defunct Windows XP.

Millions Of Windows OS Users

Although experts confirmed that the numbers of machines infected running Windows XP are quite a few, they were still included. There are still a lot of users around the world that clings on to this ancient operating system, especially in India. And you cannot blame them. The price for a Windows 10 upgrade is pricey. Not to mention when you choose the professional version of the Windows 10.

According to statistics, India has roughly 96 percent of computers still running Windows. Those users who use Windows 10 are hardly representing numbers. If anything, they belong to the minority of Windows users. Meaning, the majority belongs to Windows 7, Vista, XP, 8, and 8.1.

With the size of Windows population in the country, Microsoft is looking at a billion dollars of potential revenue. This is due to the result of WannaCry and the recent NotPeya attacks.

Considering The Windows 10 Upgrade

Most certainly, business companies will be the first ones to do the Windows 10 upgrade. Despite the patches that Microsoft already sent out after the WannaCry incident, Windows machines are still not safe.

There are recent findings that there will be following waves of attacks to come. And each time, one more weakness of the last attack vanished. That means future attacks of any ransomware to come will be stronger.

Last Friday, Gulshan Rai, India’s cybersecurity coordinator, said in an interview that Windows users from the country were pressing Microsoft Corp to offer a one-time deal discount. This is so that they could upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 as soon as possible.

Microsoft officials in India agreed in principle to the request of the people. Officials from the Microsoft headquarters in the United States refused to answer on the matter. They are probably still weighing the decision. Because it could lead to other nations requesting the same thing from them.

Still, if it happens, surely Microsoft will still benefit in this significantly despite the discount. And even if they decided to decline to this request, people will always find a way to get Windows 10. So this could be a great way to minimize the piracy issue that the operating system company has been trying to thwart for a very long time now.