Since the beginning of time when Apple launched the first iPhone, Google’s YouTube app was one of the default apps on the smartphone. And then after 2012, it is not anymore. What happened?

YouTube And iPhone Earlier History

According to reports, it was Apple who wanted YouTube to be a part of iPhones group of apps. It asked for a special privilege to get full access to the online video platform. And for this to happen, Apple even made an effort to develop the YouTube app all by itself. Google’s only role would be to give licensing right for the platform.

Five years later, Google made a move to take back everything about YouTube from the smartphone giant. This happened after Google’s Android took the helm to battle iPhone and its iOS head on. Google wanted to emphasize that it meant business.

And Then Everything Changed

Since Android is a licensed property of Google, it wanted YouTube to be one of its default app. Having YouTube standing on the other side of the river does not help the ascension of Android. When it comes to the battle for supremacy YouTube had to be on their side along with the plethora of apps exclusive and non-exclusive to both platforms.

On 2012, when Apple won the case against Samsung’s ripped-off features from Apple’s iPhone, Google got rattled. And it is only a matter of time before Apple turns its spotlight to the new rival mobile operating system.

Apple vs. Google

This incident might be the main reason that pushed Google to buy Motorola. That was to secure a broad range of patents that were under the mobile company’s belt. Google was preparing to arm itself for the Great War that will determine which operating system will dominate in the coming years.

The Battle Beyond YouTube

It was a battle between open and closed. The Android blossomed by distributing itself to other mobile manufacturing company and keeping itself free and open-sourced. Apple is doing everything from hardware to software to maintain its top-notched quality. All while still in full control of the platform and the mobile device itself.

This battle between the two giants is good for consumers, according to experts. To gain more customers on either side, each one must strive for excellence—one level higher than the last time and even better than the other one.

Along the lines of their competition, innovation turned to a fast lane. The prices of each smartphone manufacturers went down, while the two giants fought over which favors the general public, the small ones took as much opportunity as possible.

Google’s Android is now finally on par with iOS if not yet better. Regarding apps, Google Play Store just outnumbered the App Store by a couple of hundred thousand. As of January 2017, the Play Store has 2.7 million already, while compared to the App Store which only has 2.2 million.

It all started with Google wanting full control over the YouTube app for its Android platform. Unlike what other people know that it was Apple who kicked out YouTube out of its platform.

Despite what Google did regarding the online video platform, it is still possible to install YouTube inside the iPhone. You just have to download it manually. As a matter of fact, YouTube reigns as Apple’s fourth most downloaded free app.