WhatsApp is a free and cross-platform application designed to communicate with other users online. This application requires an internet connection to make phone or video calls and send messages. The user can receive any form of documents and vice versa. The application has a special feature similar to popular applications like Messenger and Snapchat. This feature allows the users to upload any form of photos or videos that can only be seen in the user’s profile in 24 hours. When the timer runs out, the image will disappear in the profile.

WhatsApp added a special option when the user is searching for emojis in the latest application. This emoji will continue the good conversations with friends without delay because the user can find it faster and less hassle. Instead of an old way even in the other applications that the user must scroll down the emojis in order to find necessary stickers, WhatsApp offers some emojis that is relevant to the search bar.

In addition, this application began to introduce to some iPhone users for video streaming software, a special feature that is already out in the market.

WhatsApp emoji search special feature

This kind of application is already been tested and users had already used it. One example of a same emoji search feature is the Google Gboard, which is a third party software app. WhatsApp released a beta version 2.17.246 with a feature of a emoji search.

WhatsApp released a beta version 2.17.246 with a feature of a emoji search. When the users tap the emoji icon, it will open the lists of available emojis which the consumer can see a search icon at the bottom. If the user will click the search icon at

If the user will click the search icon at the lower part of the keyboard, Whatsapp will give a list of suggestions based on what the user is typing.

WhatsApp video streaming on iPhone

In early years, this special feature was first discussed and introduced in Android beta. WhatsApp settled the feature to try it first to the iPhone users. Even though the feature is not that smooth, it appears that the video streaming is functioning.

Video streaming allows it’s smartphone users to share their stories, videos to other people or friends. This feature involves multitasking because it appears that the video streaming works even the user is downloading in the background.

Like what mentioned before, WhatsApp users must have a wifi connection or a cellular data 3G or LTE so that the shared video will play.  WhatsApp reminded the users to play a complete downloaded video after a minute or seconds. This feature can be adjusted and modified by clicking on the application’s download setting.

If the user device is an iOS, the consumer will notice the play icon instead of Android’s normal download button. The download size and all the details needed can be seen at the bottom of the video.

When a user presses the play button, the video will automatically stream. But the speed of it depends upon the speed of the user’s Internet connection.

While the user is watching the video, it plays inside of WhatsApp application. Again, the video downloads can be located at the device’s background. WhatsApp special feature for this one arrived last week with a version number 2.17.31. The developers of this app stated that the functionality of this special feature is very slow. WhatsApp advises people to spare a little amount of time so that the users can notice it.