A new ransomware attacked more than 65 countries. Petya is the new malware that is more dangerous than previous ransomware WannaCry. Petya has more power to create big damages. Here are some of the tips to protect the user’s computer from this trending ransomware.

Download latest patch from Microsoft

Petya has the same function with WannaCry, as this malware finds a vulnerability in older systems of Windows. The function in Window’s older systems is called EternalBlue. This system is not supported already by Microsoft because it is too old. The problem is, companies cannot upgrade immediately their Windows OS because the price is too high.

Last March, Tech giant Microsoft releases a patch that will protect their users from this kind of ransomware attacks. The user will just download the latest patches and the computer will be safe. In addition, Microsoft released more patches because of older Windows operating systems. That time, WannaCry rolls out more than 70 countries including Russia.

If the user enables the function in Microsoft where they will install updates automatically, the consumer must not worry probably because the patch is already installed.

For those users who did not enable this function or do have a support like the new OS, they can still protect the computers by means of a manual patch. First, go to the Microsoft. The user will find the patches that are needed to protect the operating system based on what version the consumer has.

Install protection programs

The user must download programs who offered protection service, not because the user prevents to have attacks on the computer. These download programs will update the user if there is an upcoming threat that is dangerous. This kind of special programs including security features that the user can see in other devices. This program consists of protective software that is free, firewalls and an updated anti-virus programs.

Don’t click on anything that is suspicious
Some users make their computer vulnerable because of phishing emails. This type of emails is almost legitimate when you see it in the first place. These emails are so powerful that it can automatically install a malware in the user’s computer with noticing it.

The user can detect if this is a malware if there is a mistake in an email. Even it has a single mistake.

Secure yourself when connecting public Wi-Fi by VPN

When the user is using a public internet connection or Wi-Fi, you are tracked. It means that all people that connected in the network are viewed. That’s is why there is a prompt in the computer if the network is Home or Public. If the user chose public, the computer automatically hides the information needed by using VPN. This feature is already set in the user’s settings.

If the user does not have VPN in a computer, there are many free applications out there. The user’s usage of VPN can protect you to be tracked by someone else. Although it cannot help the user to have fight malware, this feature can help you to be not the target of hackers.