A fidget spinner is a type of toy consists of a bearing in the focal point of a multi-lobed flat structure produced using metal or plastic intended to turn along its axis with little exertion.

Fidget was invented way back in the year 1993. In contrast, this type of toys became trending. Because of its striking design, many users buy different styles of fidget spinner. Sellers added some uniqueness in fidget spinner by using different materials that are better than the common one.

Many traditional schools banned this kind of toys because of educational reasons. Some students do not focus when the teacher is lecturing. Instead of copying notes at the blackboard, they play fidget spinner. Therefore, using fidget spinner in schools are unethical.

Some schools are having a big amount of trust in the Student. Teachers believe that there are not already kid. Thus the users make decisions themselves.

Fidget Spinners are the most entertaining things in these past weeks. In the future weeks to come, they might become more familiar. The company BlueSpin located at Italy is organizing a crowdfunding movement on Indiegogo. Some users stated that it would be the first Bluetooth fidget spinner in the world.

The Fidget app attached to the user’s mobile device while tracking the speed. The Spinner app also counts the user’s number of spins. Fidget is so powerful that even the tricks that the user is performing are detected. All user’s information is automatically listed in the Fidget app. The user can also view the worldwide leaderboard, to review if the person performed well or not.

One of the exciting features of Fidget Snipper app is a choice of competing with friends. In addition to that, you can duel with gamers around you through different challenges. Some of Fidget new challenges is the 1:1 match with another player. These determine how has a better trick.

The Fidget app is capable of building a community within the game. Meet more friends, enemies and top players. There is a video that has a walkthrough how the BlueSpin fidget spinner played.

The application also has an extra feature. Fidget Snipper app is almost the same as Apple’s Find my iPhone feature. Having a stress ball with connected GPS is a win-win situation.

Sadly, the application is not yet available to install and fully complete. Likewise, BlueSpin has ideas to roll out fast its first users on Indiegogo. These will help to fund the companies production efforts. Once the Indiegogo officially released, the user will able to secure their BlueSpin devices. The users can buy Spinner devices for 49 dollars.

The company stated that they have high expectations on their app. BlueSpin will start to ship different fidget spinner this September. The price is quite high but surely will give the user one of a kind experience.

At the end of the day, whatever kind of fidget spinner you use, The user will never stop playing fidget spinner