Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update build 16232 had started rolling out for Windows devices. The update included a lot of bug fixes and issues. They even added some extra layer of security and a much more advanced technology.

Devices among the supported models and hardware groups may consider themselves lucky. Unlike those from the low-end population that hasn’t got any updates and may never will in the future. This is due to a higher resource requirement of the latest kernel and all-around performance.

Microsoft applied a lot of changes for the Windows platform including the latest updates. Below are the major updates that you should know.

Major Updates and Improvements

Cloud Computing and Securities

The latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update included some essential features. It promises a better user-experience in a daily usage. One of those features is their approach to the growing demand for cloud computing and storage.

Microsoft will take advantage of the current cloud intelligence. They included the cloud clipboard to help users work faster across Windows devices. The user will be able to copy text from one device and paste to another.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows apps access across other platforms

Microsoft Defender

They are also planning to improve the security of the Windows 10 operating system’s Defender. They finally achieved this new security feature through the use of the new state of the art algorithm and leveraging the latest in technology to date.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Windows Defender new interface

We all know how fast and sophisticated our technology has been for the last decade. And with that, the same sophistication is being put to use by malicious attackers. They sabotage, steal personal data and even identities. This is why Microsoft is upping its entire Windows platform to minimize if not completely prevent such attacks.

They have also started to develop and implement a “highly differentiated vision.” Putting together automation, machine learning and behavioral analysis that is capable of stopping all types of malware and even advanced attacks during online presence.

Microsoft Edge

Most users don’t realize how dangerous it is to visit unfamiliar and not so famous sites. They tend to click away as soon as they see something of interest. To ensure customers safety, they applied a lot of security fixes inside the browser. They also added some improved application handling with third-party add-ons to prevent being hi-jacked quickly.

Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update
Microsoft Edge updated system


Microsoft also focused on one of the most common concerns of users—the power handling of their Windows machines. The latest Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update has now a more power-efficient approach regarding live apps and background tasks. A more improved power-saving mode, dubbed as Power Throttling will add more time when running on batteries.

Other Fixes and Updates

The new Timeline feature displays most frequent used app from your Windows device and even Windows apps that you use on other platforms. The constant crashing related with some installed languages have been addressed and fixed as well.

Fixed the DotNET 3.5 Framework issue without the need to uninstall the package. Also fixed the issue about File Explorer ribbon getting blurry when changing the DPI resolution.

Microsoft Word 2016 will not crash anymore when you try to ink it in. They also fixed the Microsoft Edge problem with autocomplete in URL.

Recent Issues

Leaked Source Code

After a reported data leak of Microsoft’s source code, a significant risk could potentially put the users under attack in the future. This is the main reason why the giant operating system company made the recent announcement focused on security vulnerabilities.

A whopping 32TB of data leaked from Microsoft’s database, according to reports. Then, a copy of the code was found posted online via the BetaArchive website. Fortunately, the admins of the website have agreed to take down the source code immediately. Still, visitors of the site have likely already downloaded the code of origin earlier.

Microsoft confirmed that the system of origin was, in fact, genuine which made a lot of Windows users anxious. It means that their Windows machines could be under enormous threats shortly. Their representative stated that only a small portion of the source code was stolen. Still, it could be at significant risk if the system of origin ever falls into the wrong hands.

In a statement released in The Verge, only 1.2GB was stolen and was posted online. The source code involves WIFI drivers, storage, and Microsoft’s USB.

Small or not, Microsoft cannot deny that it could still be a threat to users and a weapon to malicious hackers.

Wannacry Virus

Another issue that was discussed regarding the recent update of the Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update was about the Wannacry virus. Victimized more than 200 thousands of computers in 150 countries, most of government and businesses.

This incident has pushed Microsoft to make quick fix across its Windows platforms from Windows 10 back to the old Windows XP. Windows XP is the operating system which the company ended their support with back in April 2014—one of the most targeted Windows version when the ransomware attacked.

This is why the operating system’s resident antivirus, Windows Defender Security Center is going to be more advanced from this update to other future releases. This move includes even the older Windows version such as Windows XP through the system update.

That should be good news to customers who are still using the old Windows XP. Sometimes antivirus is just not enough for protection. System weaknesses are priorities. To provide better and safer online experience is to address the problems earlier.

Microsoft warns the users of the Insiders version that they will not receive app updates in the meantime. All Windows versions and apps should be of the same build to create a synchronized platform. The distribution of new updates and new features testing will resume shortly.

The recent update included these features and available online. Users will be able to enjoy safer browsing activity without worrying about risks. But they are still mostly under development and will continue to improve over time said Microsoft representative.