There are reports that some users have experience application crashes in Google Play Music version 7.9.4920. Some user who suffers these crashes are the people who recently updated the application’s version in Google Play.

In addition to that, some users reported that the crash occurs upon opening the Google Play Music app. These give users a bad experience upon updating Google’s apps.

According to Android Headlines, the application problem is not from the operating system’s outdated software version. The problem is not also for the particular device type because all operating system is suffering the same issue.

These include Google Pixel device and Galaxy Series devices. There are people also suffering the same problem with Nexus 5X devices, even the famous and latest Android Nougat and specific versions of Android O.

There are some rumors that maybe the bug occurs in the application that causing the crash and close prompt is the Bluetooth Audio. Although it is not yet confirmed, some tech users recommend disabling the Bluetooth feature in the Settings menu. After disabling, open the Google Play music application.

Some users suggest trying the option while the bug is not yet fixed. Although many people are getting pissed with these disturbing bug, Google hears problems. The company for sure is working to fix the bugs as soon as possible. Because if the company didn’t make it work in a matter of time, their stocks would go low.

Play Music is one of the prominent and popular applications as it categorized as the most downloaded music player. It is a podcast streaming application where the users can listen up to 100,000 kinds of songs. Play Music is the first application that the users can stream offline. Because of its capabilities and high-quality type of program, the application has already more than 5 billion downloads and still counting.

Many users suggest to those who are still experiencing the same issue is to try to downgrade or outdate the previous version of Play Music. Although it is nearly impossible to do it, there are many streaming music applications you can use while the bug is still not fixed.

Google’s Solution to the Play Music Crash

To settle the controversy. Google began launching the new version 7.9.4921 for Play Store. Luckily, the company has a quick response to the problems of its users. Instead of bashing them, Google earns some respect after a fixed bug in just a day. The main issue in the crash when the smartphone device begins to connect to a Bluetooth device after the app runs.

When the user updates the Google Play Music, there is a text stated “bug fixes,” which means the problem is now solved.

Some users commented that Google responds very quickly in the bug because millions of users with different smartphones affect the issue. Critics stated that Google is not quick at fixing bugs in Android Wear 2.0.

At the end of the day, despite all of the user’s comment reactions. The company proves it again that they excel in technology.