iPhone lovers and enthusiasts have been speculating that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have its Touch ID on the OLED surface itself. That means removing the Home button below the screen entirely. In fact, videos on YouTube have been all about iPhone 8’s on-screen embedded fingerprint sensor.

The iPhone 8 Innovation

Apple’s iPhone has been one of the symbols of innovation since Steve Jobs unveiled it ten years ago. And the upcoming iPhone is expected to deliver another giant leap of innovation in the last quarter of 2017.iPhone 8

One of those innovations includes the most anticipated fingerprint sensor embedded in the OLED display. If the leaked photos are to be believed, there will be no more Home button in front of the iPhone 8. Therefore, embracing the latest trend of a bigger estate for the screen—bezel-less smartphones.

The Problem

But that seems to be “impossible” at this time as the patent is currently of Qualcomm’s. And Qualcomm is facing a massive legal battle against Apple. The latter claims relating to patents and other royalties the iPhone is getting.

According to the lawsuit, Qualcomm has been basing its royalties on the entire makeup of the iPhone. When in truth, the giant chipmaker has only provided one component. And that is the modem that connects the device in LTE and WIFI hotspots.

Qualcomm was unfairly charging Apple for innovations that they do not have anything to do. And this lead for Apple to sue the chipmaker for $1 billion dollars. That is for engaging in anticompetitive licensing practices.

If this conflict does not get settled anytime soon, there will be a problem on Apple’s side. It is possible that the bezel-less iPhone 8 with Touch ID embedded on the screen might not happen late this year.

The Technology

Qualcomm has confirmed that they have finally developed the technology and one of it is placing a fingerprint sensor through displays, thick glass, and even metal. It can even perform underwater, detect heartbeat, and blood flow.

This is excellent news for iPhone fans as this means that the technology is viable. The only remaining issue is if Qualcomm and Apple could make a settlement shortly. Also, if Apple had already acquired the licensing to use the new technology for their handsets then perhaps it will happen.

Last Wednesday, June 28, Vivo unveiled their next generation of smartphone. It has the fingerprint scanning feature under the display. The unveiling happened in Mobile World Congress 2017 in Shanghai. The technology comes from Qualcomm technology. The same that iPhone 8 planned to use when launching in October 2017.

It is the iPhone’s first decade, so hopes are high for the giant smartphone company to deliver a revolutionary iPhone 8. Otherwise, Vivo will be the first to take the credit for utilizing the first ever fingerprint scanning solution for their smartphones. And the “revolutionary” will be taken away from iPhone despite its most astounding smartphone yet.

Let’s hope that everything will work out fine in the coming days for both companies. Share us your thoughts in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more news and updates.