iPhone will celebrate their 10th anniversary this week, and before Apple reveals the new models that will release in September. Many analysts predict a stable iPhone sales every year as consumers wait for the revamped phones.

The senior analyst, Angelo Zino, expects to record 241.5 million iPhone’s in the past 12 months succeeding the iPhone 8 launch — beating the previous iPhone 6 sale.

Many Apple user waits to unveil the new iPhone that will vault Apple again to the spot as the top smartphone seller company of the year. But to reach it again, Apple must improve these three important parts – AI voice assistant Siri, advanced AR technology, and advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) features.

AI voice assistant Siri must have special features that only an Apple user can have.

This is a big question to think. What can users expect from Siri? Many Android and Apple users are having discussions about the comparison of AIs. Following the release of monstrous Galaxy S8, many users are not convinced with S8’s AI voice assistant Bixby.

Samsung tells the users that they need more time to make Bixby fully functional. As for the record, Bixby can only find the picture from your gallery and sometimes, it is not matched with the image.

Siri is still the most famous and advanced voice AI assistant. They blow their early lead to rival Assistant, google’s voice AI. Regarding hardware capabilities, Samsung proves again that they have a feature that is unique to other competitors. Samsung has a wireless charging feature and resistance of cell phones to water.

Apple holds the No.1 spot last 2016; these keep Samsung sits at top 2 spot. Even the controversies of Samsung’s Note 7 battery defects and global recall. The South Korean tech giant bounce back with the release of Galaxy S8. With that release, Samsung grabs the throne for the number 1 spot.

What features should the user expect to iPhone 8

According to Bloomberg’s report last April, iPhone 8 will have a newly designed glass back. This is the first change of Apple’s iPhone design since iPhone 6 that topped the charts.

The front device will have a new OLED screen glass that will cover almost the entire front of the iPhone with a physical circle home button that will transform to a virtual one. That is why Apple and Samsung are always on the hot seat, because of the new features that will also appear on the other.

Samsung has already implemented this kind of design with the newly released Galaxy S8 and S8+. There are some reports that Apple is currently working on a virtual TouchID fingerprint sensor.

These features distinguish Samsung and Apple to each other. Samsung’s fingerprint scanner is embedded in the back side of the phone. So that the user can protect his finger for the thieves to see it.

As technology continues to flourish, there is no doubt that indeed Apple and Samsung exceeds their limits according to their models. Eventually, users will benefit with this features.