Google already released Android O, the newest version of the mobile operating system that rolls up by Summer 2017. The catch is, this big Android O can also be used if the user has any of Google’s smartphones.

Some of the tech giants phones are Google Pixel, Nexus 5X and Pixel C. Many users already sighted perfect new features in the beta version. Visual and performance are worth waiting for, that’s why many Android users are excited.

Android O’s features

Picture in Picture mode was sighted on iPad and some of the third-party apps on Android platform. This mode will grant you relay one app above of the another supported app.

This kind of multitasking is more compromised and easy than the split-window mode. It gives the users a relaxed experience.

Many people hate the slow boot time of a device. That’s why the company release a statement that the new Android O will help phones to boot the device faster. Also, even if it is not a Google phone, all devices which run this software will experience the same phase.

Google’s Android O will have their power saving feature. It will help the devices to last longer by deprioritizing the applications which do not run in the background.

Samsung’s newly released Galaxy S8 is the first high-tech Android device to be Bluetooth 5 ready. This technology will prolong the bandwidth while increasing the speed of wireless data. Bluetooth 5 also enhance the audio quality.

The notification dots of new Android O will give a notification bubble. As reported, Google will provide new glance icons that will help to make the device cooler.

With Android’s O release, the tech giant will replace the common emoji’s that was released on the older version.

Password manager

These are some of the features added in the latest update of Google about Android O. In the reports, Android O has an official API support, so users must expect to have an OS run smoothly.

1Password and LastPass already performed all functionalities that can work in these new OS. It will take a span of time until the developers successfully implemented the latest features beta version.

In its recent beta update, Enpass version 5.5.5. includes Android O’s support. For the users to successfully run it, the consumer must enable it in the app’s settings. Another way of implementing it by directing to system settings, then pick Languages and Input. After you clicked Autofill service, the user will have to select Enpass as the provider. When the user is already inside of Enpass, the OS will ask the consumer to Unlock the Enpass right in the text field.

If the user wants to try Android O, the person must be sure that the device already joins the beta of Enpass. After that, wait a little longer to have an update in the Google Play Store. Enpass is free to use but has a limitation of 20 login details. If the user exceeds the limit, the consumer must pay the $10-lifetime license.