It has been months since the unveiling of the Amazon Go store, but still, people do not see any signs that the store will finally open to the public anytime soon. When they announced it in a various multimedia platform and TV channels everybody waited.

The idea of entering a store and picking up an item and just walk out is such ease. No more lines to wait. No more checkouts to keep you. Isn’t it that the best shopping experience to ever experience?

A person only needs an Amazon account and a smartphone with Amazon Go app. They may enter the store and buy anything they want. But after the December announcement, how come it is still unavailable to the public?

What Is Amazon Go?

To put it simply, Amazon Go is a kind of store where a person can just pick a product and just leave. No checkout required. Created by Amazon, is a store that uses advanced shopping technology. Combined with other monitoring devices that learn your activities while inside the premises.

The store works much similar as to how self-driving cars do. There are sensors, computer visions, and the use of their AI technology. It is technically and basically, an advance setup of CCTVs if you want a more simplified explanation.

Any purchases that a person does inside the store will be charged onto the personal Amazon account. As soon as one walks out of the store, a notification will prompt and will inform the person of how much the purchase cost.

Why Still Not Open?

According to a former employee of Amazon, there are still bugs and technical issues that the whole Amazon Go system is trying to fix. Also, not to mention that there are chances that the Amazon store might be a target for theft and other malicious intention.

And with the recent news of Amazon and Whole Foods merger, it is highly relevant as to why the store and the app are still not available for everybody.

Amazon Go Future Plans

With the acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon will get a better angle on their latest venture. The amount of data could be enough to finally help the online company to push through with the project.

People can expect that the Amazon Go will finally resume as soon as the deal is completed between the two. And according to analysts, that would be a little later this year. So no Amazon Go yet this month and probably in the next couple of months too.

Amazon stated that they would not integrate Amazon Go technology with the Whole Foods location. But it is highly possible that Whole Foods could become one of their biggest suppliers.

The unnamed source also added that if Amazon succeeds and fully developed their technology with the Amazon Go, it is likely that they will expand to other stores as well. That includes other online and offline stores. They just have to figure out when to open that very first store.

By the way, the store is located at 2131 7th Ave, Seattle, WA, on the corner of 7th Avenue and Blanchard Street. You can come there and see it for yourself. It is open only for Amazon employees at the moment so if you know someone there; you can ask them to give you access just for an experience.

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