Many AI voice assistants appear in different companies. Apple has Siri for iPhone, Microsoft has Cortana for Windows, Google has Assistant, Amazon has a female AI Alexa, and LingLong has the DingDong.

Injong Rhee, Samsung Mobile’s chief technology officer, is not troubled even Bixby is late to launch than its rivals. Although the beta versions of Bixby may not reach it’s complete intelligence while chilling at London hotel, after the whole day with press interviews. Personally, Injong uses Bixby for shifting settings, languages, and light filters on a smartphone.

While dressed in a plain white tee and an elegant blue blazer with shoulder length hair, the CTO says the system uses the background to react to the speaker. For example, when the photos app is open and commands Bixby to ‘turn right’ it will rotate the photo.

Early shows seen by WIRED demonstrated that it could perform undertakings. More mind boggling than different associates additionally that it can be languid and has battled with English dialect voices.

If the Samsung users don’t have the latest handset from the South Korean firm, then it is impossible to operate the AI. This is not yet confirmed: Rhee told that the company is pursuing on putting Bixby in more of its products.

As long as users have a microphone and flawless internet connection, consumers can use Bixby. Samsung has started to install the assistant in other products but won’t reveal any details.

From Smartwatch to TVs, and refrigerators. Users can converse to air conditioning or remote control and say different commands like “Send the last picture that I have with my best friend.” Or talking to the dryer to stop the TV music.

The S-Voice has quietly faded as the other voice control systems have become more sophisticated. Rhee says one of the reasons behind creating Bixby is helping the company to supervise all of its other products.

The launch of Bixby and the S8 arrived after a dreadful 18 months for Samsung. It follows the controversy of the Galaxy Note 7 battery scandals, global recall, and a national-level bribery scandal. The Samsung team spoke that they are finding solutions on how to unlock the phone using voice commands.

In the present time, Bixby’s skills require the phone to manually unlock so that it can operate smoothly. To verify users with the voice is hard to even for Siri and Google Assistant. Last April, Google introduce it’s multi-user support to its phones in the US and has since rolled this out in the UK.

Nonetheless, Samsung is taking a semi-cautious access to Bixby future updates. The researchers deceived the device’s facial recognition camera to unlock the phone using a high-resolution photograph of someone’s face. Rhee stated that there are many pessimistic headlines everywhere,

Bixby Voice should be available on both the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus in the future, while users can also expect to see the tech on the Galaxy Note 8 later in the year. Users must prepare for the newest and advanced AI before the year ends.