Famous note-taking application Evernote declared that they would not support Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone app stores today. Evernote will stop supporting existing applications on mentioned devices.

What Is Evernote?

Evernote is a cross-platform application that has the arrangement to organize the user’s notes. The application places the notes flawlessly so that the user can easily see. The app has a feature that allows users to launch a “note” that serves a lot of functionalities.

The note can be a little piece of formatted text. It can be a fully working webpage or website. It can be a gallery of photographed pictures. Because of the Evernote’s high capabilities, many users are continually using the app.

Evernote, which is available for many platforms like Android and Apple iOS, surprised a lot of people for this decision. The association stated that they need to focus on the other platforms that will make their sales go up. Also, Evernote doesn’t want to invest to slow paced platforms like Windows and Blackberry.

Evernote users will decide if they will change their devices to use the app. The user must buy another phone if they want to continue to use the app. Furthermore, the files will not disappear when the users had a phone that Evernote’s supported. The user’s files are stored automatically when saved in the cloud.

Why Evernote Was Developed

Last year, popular messenger application Whatsapp left Blackberry because of the resource issues. Similarly, Facebook messenger does not work properly in any Windows Phones released. Probably the main reason is the small amount of Windows and Blackberry users.

The company focuses on making Blackberry 10 OS compatible with Android. Blackberry will follow these platform to attract popular apps including Evernote.

Windows Phone is on a different side of a story. Microsoft wants to launch Continuum in it’s Windows 10. Furthermore, the company concludes they will continue to be on Windows platform.

What will happen to users who have an unsupported version of Evernote?

For the users that make Evernote part of their daily routine, they can still use the application, but the version will be incompatible. There is no guarantee that the app will still work smooth because Evernote will not release future updates. Also, the company has no intentions to support the die-hard users of the application.

Evernote released an email a few days ago to inform the users that the company will not support their platforms. The email also contains the reason why they will end the support.

The most annoying part of the decision made by Evernote is the small amount of time to inform its users. In the past years, many applications do not want to enter Windows and Blackberry phone platforms.

Because of a few people buying this kind of phones. The OS is not popular also, unlike iOS and Android.  The less amount of features you can use, unlike Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry are being discriminated in the market right now.