Samsung’s most controversial smartphone will make its comeback this first week of July, and it will be named Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Fandom Edition (FE). After a humiliating recall last year, they assured the general public that they had taken extra precautionary measures regarding the smartphone’s battery this time around.

A Brief History

After less than two months from its launch, August last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to multiple incidents of the device exploding while being used or being charged. This has caused the company billions of dollars.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in black onyx case with stylus.

The Next Move

Now, after some speculations and reports that the Galaxy Note 7 was being reconditioned to make a return in the global market, Samsung finally decided to make it happen. And this time they updated the software for more stability and security. Most especially, they placed a battery that passed the rigorous 8-point battery safety check.

Samsung also boasted that they also improved the durability of the batteries not just that of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE but also all other Samsung’s future products. That includes the latest Samsung Galaxy S8 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 FE will be reselling again with more than $200 discount. Reports said that the unit would be sold at around $600. Also, expect that the battery will be a little lower in capacity to lessen the public’s worry with regards to last year’s “exploding” incident.

Another reason for Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s refurbishing project was due to some campaign groups like Greenpeace concern if the 3 million handsets were to be discarded. It might have caused harm to the environment due to its materials.

Samsung’s Rise and Fall

Despite the billions of dollars lost, Samsung posted its biggest quarterly net profit last April this year. Thanks to the positive reception of the public for recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and hopefully the same thing happens with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

But their success was recently tainted by a scandal that has reportedly sent shockwaves within the company. Samsung Vice-Chairman Lee Jae-Yong is currently on trial for bribery case involving the former South Korean president Park Geun-Hye.

The issue was that Lee is being accused of bribing Park millions of dollars to seek government favors. Lee is the acting head of the giant company since his father’s heart attack incident in 2014. He is also expected to be the next president of Samsung Groups as he is the heir of his father’s legacy.

Should You Buy One?

So for those people who have waited long enough for the 2016’s greatest and probably also the all-time worst smartphone return, it is finally coming next week. So if you are holding out your budget for your next smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might worth your money and attention. To think that it will only cost around $600 when released. Considering the hardware inside this device, it should be a bargain after all.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 spec

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